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Top Must-Try Food Trucks In London, Street Food In Style
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Top Must-Try Food Trucks In London, Street Food In Style

Picture of Einat Mazafi
Updated: 24 November 2016
The London street food scene is bursting with homemade treats and delicacies inspired by cuisines from all over the world. From homemade fish tacos to cheeseburgers and sweet potato fries, the English capital has it all; not to mention the quirky vintage vans that roll along its streets. We round up the top must-try street food trucks that will have you smacking your chops and queuing up for more.
Enjoying some Rainbo food!
Enjoying some Rainbo food! | Courtesy Einat Mazafi


Undoubtedly London’s coolest street food truck, Rainbo sells Japanese gyoza dumplings from a converted 1948 Ford pickup. Homemade and packed with chicken, beef, pork, or shitake and oyster mushrooms, their hot steaming parcels leave you craving more, and they come with crunchy Rainbo slaw, house pickles, and fresh herb sauces. 20 pence from every meal goes toward the rescue and rehabilitation of child labourers in Nepal. You will know where Rainbo is from the roar of the engine.

Bleecker St. Burger

Bleecker St. is the most iconic burger truck in London, and once you taste one, it isn’t hard to understand why. Their rare-breed, pasture-fed beef from small farms around the UK is dry-aged for up to fifty days: add house sauce, a fresh sesame bun, and good ol’ American cheese, and it packs some serious punch. The Angry Fries are an attraction in themselves, and their new shop in Old Spitalfields also serves their own signature Bleecker milkshakes. It’s just lucky for London that their New York-born founder Zan quit her job in law to pursue her burger dreams. Come early to beat the lines.

In queue for some Luardos!
In queue for some Luardos! | Courtesy Einat Mazafi


‘Mary’ and ‘Jesus’, the pink and green Luardos vans, have a faithful following around the capital and that’s before even tasting the burritos and tacos that come out of them. Bright pink and covered in graffiti by iconic artist Insa, ‘Mary’ is the prettiest ride on the streets and is usually found rolling around the festival circuit, while ‘Jesus’ and his team feed hungry lunch crowds at East London’s buzzing Whitecross Market every weekday. Come hungry: you’ll want every last morsel of your freshly rolled burrito.

© Wholefood Heaven
© Wholefood Heaven

Wholefood Heaven

High-energy food isn’t easy to come by on the street, but Wholefood Heaven’s award-winning vegan massaman curry with brown rice, kale, pickled carrots, and omega seeds is a little bowl of goodness amid the meat-in-a-bun options that prevail at festivals and markets. Their calm little Citroen H is London’s cutest truck, and they are always smiling and glowing, even after five days in a muddy field. Find them at festivals and events around the UK, or visit their stall at Whitecross Market during the week to feed your inner Buddha.

Ready for some Yum Bun noms!
Ready for some Yum Bun noms! | Courtesy Einat Mazafi

Yum Bun

Hot pillowy buns, slow-cooked pork, and homemade sriracha sauce make Yum Bun the best steamed treats this side of China. Also available with slow-cooked mushrooms or prawns, they are so warm and soft, you will want to jump right in, and so popular at festivals that the steamy heroes behind the counter rarely step outside the van. Once you’ve tasted one, you will never look back: these are the real deal, and their lines speak for themselves. Their converted school truck is a yellow beacon of deliciousness in any far-flung field; come rain, mud, or thunder, the trip to the hatch will be worth it.