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International Dances You Can Master In & Around Central London
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International Dances You Can Master In & Around Central London

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Updated: 30 November 2016
If your bucket list has “greet a person from every country in the world”, London can tick that off for you easily, as a city that is infused with myriad of international cultures. If you are craving Chinese food, there’s Chinatown; but if your feet are itching to learn some international grooves or you need to up your game for an upcoming wedding, here are some dance classes throughout Central London to help you master the moves.


How often have you been in the middle of a heated argument and sputtered, “it takes two to tango!”? Well, time to actually get the steam off on the floor with some tango for two! An Argentinean dance form, Tango is a vibrant and colourful partner dance that has rhythmic tango music to accompany. If this sounds exciting, you should go to a Tango Federico workshop in Covent Garden on Thursdays and Saturdays. They have a social after the classes; best time to practice your moves!


Want a good way to sizzle up a date night with your partner? Bachata is a partner dance originating in the Dominican Republic, and is gaining popularity worldwide. It’s an eight-beat dance, like salsa, and goes to the rhythm of Bachata music dominated by guitars, bongos and the güira. You can learn it during Bar Salsa’s Bachata Tuesdays in Charing Cross. If you aren’t getting the steps right, down one of their rum-based cocktails…you’ll be a pro by the end of the night.

Bollywood|©Pixi Duc/Flickr
Bollywood | ©Pixi Duc/Flickr


Time to wiggle and jiggle every muscle in your body with the pumped-up beats of Bollywood music. It’s a dance you can break into anywhere with anyone – a friend’s wedding, a carnival, a crazy party. You can learn some exclusive moves at The Bollywood Co. on Tuesdays (Covent Garden) and Thursdays (Bond Street). You could even get yourself a fancy Tikka headpiece to get into your Bollywood goddess avatar.

Semba and Kizomba
Semba and Kizomba

Semba and Kizomba

Hailing from the southern African country of Angola, Semba is an upbeat partner dance that is a dominant part of Angolan social gatherings. Kizomba is an offshoot of Semba, but with a slower sensual rhythm. Music for both is sung in Portuguese. Today, both these dance forms are gaining widespread popularity in Europe, and London has several Semba and Kizomba classes/social parties. For a good foundation, learn from the Kizomba and Semba gurus Rico and Eddy (Kizomba Suave) on Wednesdays in Oval. Best part about both of these classes…you don’t need to bring a partner along; grab a partner in class and make new friends.

Belly Dance

Intrigued by the YouTube video of the Arabian belly dancer who moves her belly like jelly? Well, it’s not that tough and you can pick those curvy moves (and work on those washboard abs) right here in London. Fleur Estelle Dance School has classes through the week in various Central London locations. They have multi-level courses/drop-in classes/private lessons with focus on different specialisations. A fabulous option for an Arabian-themed Hen Do activity.