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Top 4 Cheap and Good Eats in the City of London
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Top 4 Cheap and Good Eats in the City of London

Picture of Adetokumbo Ayorinde
Updated: 12 December 2015
The City of London has existed since the 1st century AD. It used to be land behind the former Roman wall, which protected it from their enemies warring legions. Nowadays the only wars to be had are financial battles and situated at the key British institutions such as The Bank of England and architectural feats such as; the Gherkin and the Lloyds of London.

As much as the sights are key for any tourist in London, paying an extortionate amount for food is not. Here are 4 places for you to eat at, within the architectural delight which is the square mile, without breaking the bank!

Satay Bangkok
© Satay Bangkok – Chicken Satay

Satay Bangkok – Chicken Satay £5

One of my favourite city haunts is Satay Bangkok. Situated on the famous Petticoat Lane, this fast food outlet serves delicious chicken satay in thick peanut butter sauce for a very reasonable price of £5. The food is tasty, but one of my favourite things about Satay Bangkok is the service. Going to the stall on a cold London February afternoon , and receiving a hearty smile and friendly banter makes the spicy dish all the more delicious!

Service: 8/10

Even on a cold afternoon, the service is incredibly warm, friendly and engaging.

Food Quality: 8/10

They serve a very sweet satay, with a slightly runny peanut butter sauce. The meal is a good stocky dish, perfect if you’re planning a long walk in the city and aren’t worried about pilling on a few extra pounds. The only improvement to this dish would be a thicker and stodgier sauce!

Speed of service: 9/10

The servers are absolute professionals. Even through Stay Bangkok often sports a lengthy queue, the service is upbeat and friendly making the experience extremely tolerable. I have been to Satay Bangkok countless times and I have never waited more than three minutes. This is all the more impressive, as this stall is easily the most popular on Petticoat Lane.

Coco Di Mama
© Coco Di Mama – Chicken and Pesto Penne

Coco Di Mama – Chicken and Pesto Penne £5.25

This city staple of homely Italian meals falls in the rare space of being both price conscious and good quality. I was pleasantly surprised by the healthy portion size the delicate flavour of the pesto mixed with pancetta. All in all, it was an enjoyable meal out.

Service: 8/10

Cheeky and Playful. These servers are not dead-eyed till operators. They are friendly, flirty attendants who serve good food, but also offer a side dish of playful British banter. This store does get very busy and so it really is a credit to the servers that the still keep their friendly demeanour.

Food quality: 7/10

The pesto was fresh and the penne had a great texture, my only disappointment was the slightly dry chicken.

Speed of Service: 9/10

Fast and professional. No complaints.

Health Factor: 6/10

While the food itself was not particularly unhealthy, the portion sizes were rather big.

Soup De Jour
© Soup De Jour – Onion Soup

Soup De Jour – Onion Soup with Parsley and croutons £5.25

Homely. Soup De Jour (French for Soup of the Day) was the brainchild of a Franco-German friendship that simply wanted to provide good soup for the hungry and health-conscious. They succeeded. Very rarely have I purchased anything in the city, which has offered the blend of homely service and good quality produce. Soup De Jour is a strong contender!

Service: 9/10

Like meeting old friends. The patient servers at soup De Jour, don’t sell food, they advise the best soups and you can easily fall into long conversations about store, as it has a distinctly Home Counties feel. Very out of place in its modernist city setting.

Food Quality: 8/10

The food was delicious, the thick onion slices, with the hearty croutons assisted by wholesome German bread was a winters day delight.

Speed of service: 9/10

No queue, I spent most of my time chatting to the service and admiring the homely décor.

Health Factor: 10/10

A very healthy option. To put it simply, there are few healthier food option in the city.

City Capche – Street Meat Baguette £4.70

This Vietnamese take-away spot based near St Paul’s is definitely a find. Anyone who works near the bank or St Paul’s Cathedral will know, this place is an absolute treat!

Service: 6/10

Friendly and accommodating, I have no real complaints.

Food Quality: 9/10

This meal was delicious. The peppered meat complimented the secret sauce which accompanied it. The baguette is a definite festival for the taste buds.

Speed of service: 2/10

I waited for over 20 minutes!

Health Factor: 6/10

The peppers and vegetable-heavy content of the baguette helps to mitigate the negative effects of white bread and indiscernible fried meat.