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Top 10 Things To See And Do In Fulham
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Top 10 Things To See And Do In Fulham

Picture of Mariya Bondareva
Updated: 9 February 2017
The locals, happily dwelling in the Fulham area, keep polishing it by opening more places, which outsiders also would like to discover and experience. Here, we cover the different things for you to see and do while in Fulham, to see what all this fuss is about.
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London Theatre Workshop

There are two things that are very captivating about the London Theatre Workshop: first, it is right above the Eel Brook Public house; second, its team presents itself as a ’boutique professional theatre.’ Being ‘petite’ and innovative, a 65-seat artistic marvel provides a wide programme, which offers classical reproductions (‘The Tempest’), stage reading, various workshops and even cabaret.

London Theatre Workshop, 65 New King’s Rd, London UK

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Token Interior

Token Interior is a shop, an art and craft/music studio, and a tea room. It is not a just the space, but also the concept that encourages visitors to develop a new hobby, from scratch. Whether it is mastering a new musical instrument, handling needle-crafting or even meeting inspiring like-minded people. Children and adults alike are all encouraged to create new handcrafted miracles. Enjoy!

Token Interior, 694 Fulham Road, London, UK, +44 203 490 8910

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Behind Wahleeah, the new Fulham neighbourhood café, is Dave Ahern, who added 40 different kinds of beer and ale on the menu, including home-brewed Wahleeah. Beer, burgers and rock ‘n’ roll…that’s what Fulham residents have lately been ‘wahleeahing’ for (Brooklyn slang for food craving).The interior recreates the environment of an old New York subway station, and the menu lists dishes cooked with ale and stout. Anyone wants some homemade beer ice cream?

Wahleeah, 18 Farm Ln, Fulham, London, UK, +44 207 381 5769

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St Clements

A traditionally British set up, St Clements is defined by the simple pleasures of life: with seasonal food, a wide range of organic baked goods, fresh coffee —whatever takes your fancy – you will find it here. Choose a seat inside or on the terrace, or if you’d rather order for takeaway, you will find the perfect recipe for a lazy Saturday brunch.

St Clements, 201 New King’s Rd, Fulham, London, UK +44 207 998 8919

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Fulham Palace

Long ago, Fulham Palace used to be a residence that belonged to the Bishop of London.Today, it is a grand territory, where it is worth spending one full weekend day visiting the museum, the garden with a fantastic mix of flora and architecture, and the exhibitions taking place inside the palace. Make sure you take a break in the Drawing Room Café before you continue exploring the British history within.

Fulham Palace, Bishop’s Ave, Fulham, London, UK, +44 207 736 3233

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Grapefruit Gallery

Grapefruit Gallery is a kind of gallery that will not make your life easier. It has not filled its room with challenging and confusing modern art pieces. Instead, inside one of the art capitals of the world, Grapefruit Gallery occupies its own niche, specialising in vintage photography, posters, maps and illustrations. Photos of fantastic winter landscapes, black-and-white celebrity snaps, entertaining street art — you will never find things that go out of style in here. Besides, the prices are very affordable.

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The sun has been on the side of Fulham’s beloved Eelbrook since its opening day, and even now: one year on. The restaurant is set inside a striking glass building, giving the impression that you are having your meal among the greenery of Eel Brook Common park. The chefs add modern touches to Mediterranean dishes, which has placed Eelbrook in the 2016 Michelin Restaurant Guide. Experience your own intimate caramel pannacotta moment, with a cup of coffee on the terrace, and enjoy the view.

Eelbrook, New King’s Road, Fulham, London, UK +44 203 417 0287

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Circa Vintage

Popping into the Circa Vintage shop, you enter a genuine Pandora’s chest — a room full of rare and one-of-a-kind vintage dresses, coats, suits, accessories and jewellery. Not only is it the place to sell peculiar attire in perfect condition, it also boasts a collection of vintage bridal dresses and an antique studio, where experts restore tried and true clothes. Just remember: ‘Fashion fades, but style is eternal.’

Circa Vintage, 64 Fulham High St, Hammersmith, London, UK +44 207 736 5038

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Six Pilates

Walk two minutes from Fulham Broadway and you will enter a new and advanced physiotherapy-led Pilates Studio. The fully trained and highly qualified physiotherapists are there to teach you how to take control over your body and change your attitude towards fitness. Six Pilates is the only UK studio that is using innovative ultrasound technology, which allows you to better see your core when exercising, helping you to improve your muscular activeness faster and more efficiently.

Six Pilates, Six Physio Fulham Location, 39 Harwood Rd, London, UK +44 207 736 0193

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Ice and Slice

An Italian revelation to locals, Ice and Slice is not just a common café in the very heart of London. The Ice and Slice crew created a concept that makes Fulham non-residents come back so often. They only serve sourdough pizza and home-made organic gelato. Stop by and try both, along with the Italian fizzes. You will no longer wonder why Fulhamites are so in love with Italian cuisine.

Ice and slice, 24 Jerdan Place, Fulham, London, UK +44 203 080 0980