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Becca Luton / Instagram
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This Man Leaves Notes Around London to Make People Feel Better About Themselves

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 26 January 2017
It seems you can’t walk around central London these days without bumping into one of these awesome inspirational posters.

The guy behind these happy poster paste-ups is designer Andy Leek, who not only slaps the messages on to bus stops and outside galleries, but also sticks them into copies of the Metro!


A photo posted by Andy Leek (@notestostrangers) on

Leek told Mashable that going through a period of mental illness inspired him to start up the project.

“It was caused by working too hard, commuting for too long and not looking after my mental well-being. I noticed that commuters looked really miserable so wanted to try and make a difference in other people’s days.”


A photo posted by Ishita Jhunjhunwala (@ishita1901) on

“Once I started, I realised how much fun it is to head out into the city at night and create street art while the rest of the city sleeps. The slightly illegal nature of the project just added to the fun and sense of adventure.”

It’s illegal to post any sort of pop-up poster in the UK. Doing so can lead to a fine or even a short prison sentence.

This hasn’t stopped Andy though. Since the posters started popping up all over the city, Instagrammers far and wide have started posting hundreds of his feel-good messages on their Insta feeds:

It's true people. #notestostrangers #mentalhealthmatters #goodvibes

A photo posted by Chris Wilson (@c.d.w) on

4/365 Ill advice #project365 #streetart #depression #notestostrangers @notestostrangers

A photo posted by Becky Gamester (@beckygamester) on

“Lots of people [are] saying that my messages struck a chord with them and that it made a difference to their day. It is this that keeps me going with the project. I see this as a wonderful serendipitous collaboration with strangers,” Leek said.

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