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This Hot and Sweaty Gym Class 'Guarantees' Great Post Work Out Sex

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 7 February 2017
Yes, a new London-based gym class guarantees great sex after a good workout. Sign us up now!

Gymbox recently launched a class in which their very fit personal trainers claim it’s guaranteed to ‘significantly boost’ your sex appeal.

Dubbed PIT (Pheromone Improvement Training), the intense class has been designed to make you and your glutes absolutely irresistible. How? By making you get as sweaty as possible.

© Gymbox
An instructor whips a class into shape | © Gymbox

Created by GYMBOX Master Trainer, Firas Iskandarani, the science behind the class stems from what professor folk call Androstenone, a steroid-like pheromone found in fresh human sweat. This special sweat acts as a kind of natural aphrodisiac, which is why the class basically aims to get you to produce as much of it as humanly possible.

Don’t stop showering just yet, boys and gals. The pheromone only makes an appearance in fresh sweat, and only sticks around for two measly hours before it evaporates into the heavens.

The hot, hard and fast class lasts for 20 minutes and consists of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises that are designed to trigger key sweat points: the forehead, lower back, groin (gross) and armpits.

You’ll also have to slide yourself into Gymbox’s bespoke sweat suits, which makes you drip as much as possible – oh, and guess what! There’s no air con at all, so be prepared to get extra, extra sticky.

So, how does Gymbox guarantee great post-workout sex?

Once you’ve finished the ultimate sweatbox, you’re forbidden from taking a shower, spraying yourself up with cans of deodorant, aftershaves or perfumes.

Sorry ladies, wet wipes and face wipes are also a no-no. The trainers will then encourage you to jog (yes, jog!) to the nearest pub, club, art gallery or even an office building to put this ‘pulling power’ to the test.


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