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Halloumi Pizza © Culture Trip
Halloumi Pizza © Culture Trip
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This Deep-Fried Halloumi Pizza in London Will Change Your Perspective on Food

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Updated: 13 April 2017
Foodie living in London has just taken on a new twist with the arrival of the Halloumi Monster Cheese Pizza (OK, that’s not the official name) at Voodoo Ray’s in Camden Market. Deep-fried slices of Halloumi are placed on top of the already cheesy pizza in a heavenly melt of creaminess. The pizza will be available for one day only this coming Thursday (2nd February), and as demand is skyrocketing, you’d better get there fast.

Here’s how to get to Voodoo Ray’s:

So you might be in love with this pizza, but do you know what Halloumi actually is? Probably the most famous Cypriot dish, Halloumi’s popularity now extends to many countries throughout Europe and the Middle East. Because of the cheese’s high melting point, it possesses the rare ability to be easily fried or grilled, completely redefining the expectations of ‘grilled cheese’.

The cheese is distinguishable by its mild salty flavor and rubbery texture. It’s produced by combining a mixture of goat and sheep milk, before then being set with rennet. This is an unusual practice due to the absence of acid-producing bacteria in any part of the process. Halloumi can also be served cold alongside freshly sliced watermelon, and this is commonly eaten as an appetizer or a dessert in Cyprus. Or on top of a pizza in London!