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Hunting down clues | © Pixabay
Hunting down clues | © Pixabay
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This App Will Turn You Into a Museum Treasure Hunter

Picture of Georgina Wilson-Powell
Updated: 28 February 2017
Fancy being a museum treasure hunter? This app won’t turn you into Indiana Jones (if only such an app existed), but Breadcrumbs certainly adds a sort of thrill to a museum afternoon in London.

Breadcrumbs is a treasure hunt app that guides you round several London museums, giving you clues to solve by visiting various exhibits. Breadcrumbs sends you texts or Facebook messages when you’re close by and guides you around the exhibit on the hunt for fascinating finds. What’s got the curators of the museums interested is that it doesn’t just take in the highlights, it guides you to look at things you’ve probably ignored every other time.

A woman looking at her phone
The clues come via your phone | © Pixabay

Each treasure hunt takes around two hours to complete, so it’s perfect for a rainy day in the V&A or an art gallery. What’s more, the app doesn’t just cover the big blockbuster museums: you can be lured to the Hunterian Museum to look at surgical curiosities or even visit Kew Gardens. At any location, you’ll have to solve riddles and clues that aren’t that easy, so be prepared to be schooled in some pretty random facts.

The entrance to the V&A
Discover the V&A in a different way | © Pixabay

While it may look like a child’s game, the app has had seasoned journalists flummoxed on its first trials last month, but even if you need a hand with some of the answers, the app’s about getting out and experiencing museums in a more interactive fashion and perhaps even learning some good pub quiz knowledge along the way. Each hunt costs £3.99 and can be done alone or with friends (as long as you don’t fight over the phone).