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© ExFlow / Shutterstock
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These Two Famous Museums Just Had the Most Epic Twitter Battle Ever

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 18 September 2017
Hell hath no fury like a museum (or two) scorned…

Location: London. Museums involved: The Natural History Museum and Science Museum. Purpose of argument: throwing shade (just because).

The Twitter spat happened on AskACuratorDay, when one Tweeter asked:

‘Which team of curators would win in a battle’ and ‘what exhibits/items would help you be victorious?’

And so, the battle between the two cultural powerhouses commenced:


But don’t worry, the Science Museum bit back with this dose of shade:

Obviously, the Natural History Museum wasn’t gonna take any of that and bit back (literally)…

And then the creepy Merman just got involved and everyone was like, NOPE…

Then things just got super, super weird…

And then Game of Thrones got involved…

And of course, the Science Museum found a skeleton in their massive closet…

Then it all ended with a Beyonce-style mic drop like this:

Epic. Wouldn’t you say?