The Best Aussie Brunches In London, England

The Best Aussie Brunches In London, England
Feeling a little over-brunched? Revive your love of the boozy, late breakfast with the new wave of Australian-style brunches hitting the capital. Here are the best breakfast and brunch spots that do things like they do it Down Under.
Banana Bread Sandwich Courtesy of Beany Green

Beany Green

Beany Green, a little Australia coffee shop, is a symphony of everything that is wonderful about Australia. The staff is a delight, the food is lush and the atmosphere is chilled out. For the Aussie version of a full fry-up, order The Bondi — it magically manages to taste fresh despite the presence of Ginger Pig sausages and bacon on the plate. The broccoli and corn fritters are another must-have, served with a poached egg, side of avocado (of course) and chilli pesto. Saving room for the award-winning banana bread; it is essential. Remember to wash everything down with the bottomless Mimosas and Bloody Marys.

Buckwheat bowl with poached egg ©Granger & Co

Granger & Co

‘Sunny, easy-going and generous’ is how Granger & Co describes itself — a thoroughly Australian attitude. Headed up by Aussie food writer and chef, Bill Granger, the flagship restaurant resides in ever-so-sunny Sydney, where it is apparently famous for the best scrambled eggs in town. Now you can get them over here, too, thanks to a spate of restaurants dotted all over London. They all serve Bill’s breakfast menu, featuring ricotta hotcakes, chilli fried eggs and white beach Bellinis along with the famous eggs.

Avocado on toast ©Brew Café

Brew Café

Run by Australian chef Jason Wells, Brew Café is a lesson in local sourcing. Anything that hasn’t come from the bakery and butcher’s attached to the cafe is traceable within the British Isles and comes with a story that one of the charming waiters will surely share. The proof is in the (thoroughly delicious) pudding, as the food is universally beautiful. The care behind the ingredients is evident in each mouthful. From creamy avocado on Turkish pide bread (served with vegemite, of course), to rich black pudding spread on sourdough and topped with poached eggs, the brunch offering is a cut above the usual. Make sure you get sozzled on the Bloody Marys while noshing — they’re the freshest you’ll ever taste.


The name may give you a hint to this place’s origins — Barossa is a valley in South Australia. It’s now also a lovely, sunshiney coffee house and Australian kitchen in London’s Fulham. Located near Parsons Green, it’s rare to find this place anything other than buzzing, as pets and children are welcome. Barossa is one of London’s leading coffee joints, and the brunch ain’t half bad either, with full Bondi and Veggie brekkies — loaded with corn fritters, roasted plum tomato, chipolatas and sauteed spinach.

Bloody Super Mario at Riding House Café ©Emma Cooke

Riding House Café

Fussy eaters will adore Riding House Café. It’s got a little bit of everything, all rolled into one all-day brasserie. You’ll find American-style cheeseburgers, lavender and honey sticky wings, whipped goat’s cheese and a cracking range of cocktails, all on the same menu. It’s alongside a thoroughly Australian brunch, including avocado on toast and hangover-defeating chorizo hash browns. And if you suddenly miss your traditional pancakes and bacon, not to worry — they’re right there on the menu, too. Couple it with a Fizz Wizz, an ever-so-sophisticated drink of champagne, armagnac, muscat, sherry and orange bitters.


The food at Caravan is well-travelled. Meaning, it involves a lot of small plates with influences that span the far-flung corners of the globe, with a laid-back, all-are-welcome attitude. For brunch you’ll find oh-so-Aussie avocado on toast, done with chilli, lemon and olive oil. If avocado isn’t your thing (the horror!) then there’s all manner of goodies available served on toasted sourdough or whole grain, from slow-roasted tomatoes to thyme-roasted portobello mushrooms. This is the one place you might want to skip the booze — the coffee has legendary status among London’s connoisseurs.

Ben’s Canteen

A neighbourhood spot through and through, you’ll find Ben’s Canteen near Lavender Hill in Battersea. Relaxed, light and airy, the brunch is indulgent without feeling overly so. The corn fritters are a thing of beauty — crisp, with a perfect balance of sweet and savoury, and loaded with sweetcorn. The avocado comes smashed on toast with poached eggs, and there’s a stunning banana and peanut shake on the menu for those who prefer their brunch in liquid form… or at least, a liquid form that isn’t alcoholic.

Percy & Founders ©Emma Cooke

Percy & Founders

A beautifully designed restaurant in the heart of Fitzrovia, Percy & Founders is classically done. The interiors are airy and warm, thanks to high ceilings and wood panelling. The menu is simple, but done well, and the service is friendly without being overbearing. Brunch is a treat, and you can go healthy (avocado on toast) or gluttonous (chicken and waffles with a poached egg on top). The Bloody Marys and Prosecco are bottomless, and you can switch freely between the two. The true success is in the little bursts of luxury, however; the yellow tomato Bloody Mary twist is a lovely thing, and you can order plates of oysters to the table to finish things off.