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The Quirkiest Royal Wedding Souvenirs
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The Quirkiest Royal Wedding Souvenirs

Picture of Sam Holder
Updated: 18 May 2018
From dog bow-ties to lifelike dolls and even speciality condoms, there seems to be a royal wedding souvenir to suit everybody’s taste. While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle almost certainly won’t end up as king and queen (barring a monumental disaster), their blend of British monarchy and American celebrity has captured the public’s imagination.

That means there’s potentially big business in the world of wedding memorabilia and there really are no limits to the number of different celebratory nick-nacks that can feature the duo’s beaming faces. For fans of the happy couple, looking to commemorate their big day with something a little more exciting than the official 22-carat gold bone china collection, here are some of the quirkiest souvenirs out there.

Condoms, £10

It’s hard to imagine the process that led to these royal rubbers actually ending up on sale, but here they are in all their glory. When opened, the packet plays a mash-up of ‘God Save The Queen’ and ‘The Star Spangled Banner’, cementing that special cross-Atlantic relationship. ‘Your prince will come’ promises the box, but a word of warning: these are for novelty purposes only.

Find them at Crown Jewels Condoms

Royal rubbers
Royal rubbers | Joshua Blackburn (The Artful Project)

Dog clothing, £18+

We all know how much the Queen loved her corgis and if you want to give your pet pooch a bit of a royal pampering, then where better to start than with a Harry or Meghan bowtie? Teddy Maximus have a whole collection of royal wedding-inspired dog clothing, including some pretty nifty neckerchiefs.

Find them at Teddy Maximus

Stylish pup
Stylish pup | Credit: Teddy Maximus

Dolls with handmade outfits, £113

Some people really love the royal family, while some people really love dolls. This targets that especially niche market that really loves them both. If you’re willing to part with 113 of your hard earned pounds then you can recreate the wedding at home whenever you please with these 18-inch lifelike models. Harry’s glowing ginger hair and piercing blue eyes in particular will leave you speechless.

Find them at History Wearz

Almost lifelike
Almost lifelike | History Wearz

Commemorative tea box, £19.99

Finally, a souvenir which draws together two of the country’s most famous traditions: the regal House of Windsor and the great British cuppa. This cardboard tea box contains 80 foil-wrapped teabags and features hand-drawn artwork which rivals even Trafalgar Square’s greatest caricaturists.

Find it at Royal Tea Wedding

A royal cuppa
A royal cuppa | Royal Tea

Luxury biscuits, £45

A truly indulgent way to celebrate this most opulent of weddings is with these luxury vanilla biscuits. The hand-painted tin contains all the elements needed for your own confectionary ceremony with a royal coach, wedding cake, flags, dress, heels and even rings. It comes from the Biscuiteers, a well-loved boutique bakery.

Find them at Biscuiteers

Sweet treats
Sweet treats | Biscuiteers/ PR Shots

Sick bag, £5

For many, the royal wedding mania is all a bit nauseating. Luckily artist Lydia Leath has created these bespoke sick bags for the occasion. Featuring a totally ‘I-can’t-be-bothered-to-do-this-properly’ portrait of the pair and the slogan ‘another duke to make you puke’, this is the perfect gift for any republicans dreading May 19th.

Find it at We Built This City

Just in case
Just in case | Lydia Leith