London's Most Beautiful Underground Stations

Canary Wharf Station Interiors © David Skinner/Flickr
Canary Wharf Station Interiors © David Skinner/Flickr
Taking a moment to stop, step back, and look around inside some of London’s Underground stations will reveal a wonderful display of urban design. Recurrent architectural structures, an array of surfaces and an abundance of beautifully designed furniture, lighting and details all make London’s iconic 150-year-old transport system pretty special.

King’s Cross St Pancras Station

Cheating a little here, the impressive King’s Cross St Pancras serves both the Underground and National Rail. However, it is a favourite because of the sheer scale of the structure, both inside and out.

King’s Cross St Pancras Station Interiors © John Mason/Flickr

Gloucester Road Station

One of the few stations that use the space for exhibitions.

Gloucester Road Station Interiors © Ian Wright/Flickr

Notting Hill Gate Station

Marvel at the perfect symmetry, curves and lighting on the District and Circle line platforms.

Notting Hill Gate Station Interiors © Timitrius/Flickr

Westminster Station

Immerse yourself in shapes at scale, a variety of grey materials with different finishes and textures.

Westminster Station Interiors © Jigna Umeria

Earl’s Court Station

As light floods in at Earl’s Court station, notice the detail of the signage, seating, the clocks and the roofing.

Earl's Court Station Interiors © Pierre-Selim /Flickr

Gants Hill Station

Inspired by the Moscow Metro, if you find yourself in North East London, Zone 4, experience architect Charles Holden’s structure that sits underneath Gants Hill roundabout.

Gants Hill Station Interiors © nigelpepper/Flickr

Angel Station

Angel boasts the longest escalator in the Underground, with a stunning 60m long view this escalator is more breathtaking than you could ever imagine.

Angel Station Interiors © Jigna Umeria

Canary Wharf Station

You feel a moment of epic-ness when standing on the escalators leaving this Norman Foster creation.

Canary Wharf Station Interiors © David Skinner/Flickr

Southwark Station

There are pockets of bold shapes and structure here, and the surface design is to be admired too.

Southwark Station Interiors © Jigna Umeria

Waterloo Station

One of the busiest stations in London, it’s easy to forget to look around and take in the space as you run for your train or disappear underground to use the tube.

Waterloo Station Exteriors © Prioryman/WikiCommons