The Most Addictive British Fashion Podcasts To Listen To

The High Low, Pandora Sykes & Dolly Alderton | © Instagram @PandoraSykes
The High Low, Pandora Sykes & Dolly Alderton | © Instagram @PandoraSykes
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Fashion Editor29 December 2017

All hail the rise of the podcast, for allowing us to escape the reality of the London commute or a long-haul flight. From the comical to the informative, the fictional to the political, there’s a host of topics to tune in to that will not only help you to pass the time but that might just teach you a little something as well. Here, we list the most addictive British fashion podcasts that we’ve come across to date. Download, plug in and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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The High Low

Presented by London-based journalists Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton, The High Low is the kind of listening that will make any commute worth your while. So-named because it addresses topics both high- and low-brow (from the recent #METOO phenomenon to Khloe Kardashian’s rumoured pregnancy) it’s personable, easy to digest and altogether hilarious. Tune in each Wednesday for an insight into the lives of two fashion-loving, industry-aware and highly intelligent women as they discuss the topics that will get you up to speed on what’s going on in the world without too much seriousness. Added bonus? Your reading list and Netflix backlog will thank you for it – their recommendations are to be trusted and will see you sorted for the coming weeks.

Download and listen here.

Business of Fashion

The oracle of all fashion-related news has launched a podcast, and we’re sold. Granted, it’s not new to the platform, but the frequency at which episodes are recorded means that you won’t be short of options, and you definitely won’t get bored of the discussion points covered. Interested in the future of retail? There’s a podcast for that, and you’ll also find conversational episodes with some of London industry’s most influential names (Tim Blanks and Christopher Kane to name but a few). If you’re yet to tune in, then we highly recommend you do – you’ll find past episodes that you can dip in and out of if you’re not one to follow a series by date.

Download and listen here.

Fashion No Filter

Camille Charrière and Monica Ainley are the kind of fashion duo who you can’t not envy. Head to toe in a perfectly curated selection of oversized layers without so much as a sweep of mascara between them, there’s no wonder that they’ve garnered a joint Instagram following that exceeds 650,000. There’s a lot more to this picturesque pair, however, than looking good in clothes, and their podcast Fashion No Filter is proof of that. Covering topics from Couture Fashion Week to the importance of eco-friendly fashion, it offers an insiders’ view of the fashion industry, how it’s evolving and what it stands for in today’s society. Episodes are bite-sized, averaging half an hour long, so they’re easy to slot into your day, your commute or even your lunch break.

Download and listen here.

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Ted Talks

Perhaps the most widely known of all the podcasts, fashion or otherwise, Ted Talks covers a wealth of topics, but be specific with your search and you’ll find a credible collection of fashion-themed recordings featuring the likes of Sinéad Burke and Isaac Mizrahi. Topics are a little more unexpected than you might find elsewhere (‘Forget shopping. Soon you’ll download your new clothes’, for example) but these forward-thinking episodes are sure to keep your attention and will inspire you to take a slightly different view on the subject.

Download and listen here.

The Comms Salon

Although it seems like the perfect way to earn CV-related brownie points, we’re yet to find another podcast run by fashion students. The Comms Salon is written and produced by a selection of undergrads and teachers from the London College of Fashion, specifically the Fashion PR course. There are only three episodes (perhaps that’s the flaw to making it a part of a year-long course project?) so if you’re looking for a series to work your way through quickly then you’ve definitely found it, but it’s also an informative insight into what it’s like to pursue a career in this specific line of work.

Download and listen here.


Sheerluxe is our guilty pleasure; it’s the daily digest that we can’t wait to open come 11.30am (yes, we know what time their emails are scheduled to arrive) and it’s jam-packed full of shopping edits, gift guides, how-tos and anecdotes. The podcast adds another string to the bow, and it sees founder and owner of the business, Georgie Coleridge Cole, in conversation with her team of creatives and celebrity guests to discuss current trends, popular culture and whether you really can just be friends with the opposite sex (the December 19th episode covers this particular topic). If you’ve always wondered what it’s like to work in fashion, then this is your key to what goes on behind office doors, so download the series and brush up on the kinds of conversation pieces that will see you well equipped for a career change as well as your next dinner party.

Download and listen here.


Firstly, we’d just like to clarify that this is a US-based podcast, but it does, however, bear relevance to this list. Why? Because it’s Vogue, and being Vogue, it covers global fashion topics, designers, issues and launches, all of which we deem nearly essential to learn about, and episodes range from 30 minutes to an hour in length. An addictive weekly series hosted by former American editor-at-large André Leon Talley, it’s perhaps the one we’d suggest bumping to the top of your listening line-up if you’re short on time or you want updates on a need-to-know basis. It touches on topics in the monthly publication, welcomes influential speakers (Anna Wintour was the guest in the first episode) and it offers a witty insight into what goes on at Vogue HQ.

Download and listen here.

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