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The London GreenTech Startups to Watch
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The London GreenTech Startups to Watch

Picture of James Gunn
Updated: 17 January 2018
GreenTech, otherwise known as CleanTech, refers to a class of technology company that works to reduce our impact upon the environment. These come in all shapes in sizes for consumers, businesses or homeowners alike. Here are some of the best currently based in London.


While you might be familiar with and perhaps guilty about your carbon footprint, Pavegen wants to take your steps further. By applying pressure on Pavegen flooring tiles, anybody walking by will produce kinetic energy that can be used to power lights, or even capture data about their movement. Pavegen wants to transform the way we think about our footfall in a future of Smart Cities; their current strategy is to engage consumer brands to use their panels to both save energy and learn more about their customers.


Switchee’s products address both a social and environmental problem – energy inefficiency for those on the edge of poverty. Their Smart Connected Thermostats are designed for the social housing sector, helping to save tenants 10-15% on their energy bills. The monitor allows you to control your heating, while also tracking your routine and making efficient savings as and when. On the other side, the product relays this data to landlords and informs them of faults, and can remotely test boilers to ensure tenants are in suitably equipped properties for the winter months.

Vantage Power

While not particularly sexy, Vantage Power’s potential for impact can’t be ignored. Their aim is to reduce harmful emissions and fuel consumption in heavy-duty vehicles on a global scale. Formed in 2011, it is likely you have seen Vantage Power’s work if you have taken one of the London buses they have retrofitted to achieve a 40% reduction in fuel consumption.

E-Car Club (Sustainable Bridges)

As part of the Sustainable Bridges accelerator, a fund exclusively for sustainable energy and technology, E-Car Club, is going from strength to strength. As big believers in clean air, a circular economy and making a social impact, E-Car Club provides an environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional notions of car ownership. Users pay a subscription to have access to these cars, which they unlock with their membership card. Insurance, breakdown cover and Congestion Charge are all included for a fee of as little as £4.50. With a fleet of electric vehicles, pilot schemes have been launched in the London Borough of Barnet, as well as East London.


A second member of the Sustainable Bridges accelerator is Powervault. Powervault gives its customers the ability to store their own energy, either from solar panels, or off-peak energy from the grid when prices are lower. Powervault grants people more control over how and when they use energy, as well as how much it costs them.


For those who have to drive as part of their working day, tracking your expenses can both be arduous and inefficient. Autotrip simply tracks your trips on the road, making it easier for you to declare your expenses, while also allowing employers to work out energy-saving opportunities with each trip.