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The Highlights of 2015's Taste of London
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The Highlights of 2015's Taste of London

Picture of Biya Haq
Updated: 24 April 2017
Hundreds of some of the best restaurants around, endless champagne, wine and tea samples and a number of world-class chefs preparing food for you. Oh, no- this isn’t heaven, my friends. This is Regent’s Park and this is the Taste of London Festival 2015.

The indulgent food and drink festival of London returned to Regent’s Park this year in all its delectable glory. With Michelin star-rated restaurants and a number of the city’s most popular bars, the Taste of London festival is a must for all foodies.

The range of restaurants present in the line up for this year’s festival included everything from legendary to new. Eateries including Aqua Kyoto, Chop Shop, Mazi, MeatLiquor, Michael Roux Jnr’s Diner, Pont St and Shake Shack had tents set up at the festival. Each of them offered a menu of four to five dishes for customers to either buy with their crowns (the currency of the festival) or by any other method of their choice. The festival is a look into the creations of some of the most well-known establishments in the city of London. There were also a handful of free samples from almost every other table at the event.

Apart from this enticing offer, those coming to the festival were also able to take part in interactive workshops and even witness world-renowned chefs creating dishes in front of their very eyes. Proud sponsor of the festival (and Titan in the appliance industry) AEG took the cake (pun intended) in bringing about the AEG Taste Theater in which guests could watch live cooking demonstrations.

As if this wasn’t enough to get you excited about eating, AEG also had a Taste Live Cooking tent. This feature of the festival allowed festival-goers to learn cooking tips through interactive cooking demonstrations and working side by side with world-renowned chefs including Adam Gray, Claudio Cardoso, Daniel Doherty and Natasha Corret to name a few.

Other special features of the festival included live music at the Bandstand, a number of exclusive and VIP taste lounges and tents, as well as special champagne and wine tasting theatres- and of course a dance studio- to dance away all those well-deserved calories! The festival took place from the 17th to the 21st of June, but be sure to keep an eye out for next year’s festival, as it is sure to be just as exciting and delicious an event.

Here are 5 highlights from this year’s festival:

1. AEG Taste Theatre: The Taste Theatre was a place to enjoy the festival with tips from some of the best chefs in the world and interactive cooking demonstrations.

2. The Wild Kitchen: Festival-goers learned how to cook with raw ingredients in this new festival attraction while using back-to-basics cooking skills, a fire pit and smoker!

3. Champagne Laurent – Perrier Masterclass: Guests tried selections of champagne matched with complimentary foods to match the drinks’ unique styles.

4. AEG Let’s Taste Live Cooking : This was a great place to watch world-renowned chefs create unique and special dishes from scratch in front of your eyes. Guests received a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get up close and personal with some of the most creative minds in the industry!

5. Mr. Vine Wine Theatre: Another new addition to the festival, the Wine Theatre was a place to enjoy and learn the art of how to serve, taste and pair wine with food.

By Biya Haq

Biya Haq has an extreme case of wanderlust that has brought her to London for the Summer of 2015. She loves all things cultural, edible, musical and did she mention edible? Going into her fourth year at Rutgers University in New Jersey, she is a journalism and media studies student with a passion for writing, traveling and eating.