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Virtual reality has the potential to get really weird, really quickly.
Virtual reality has the potential to get really weird, really quickly.
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The Best Places to Learn about Technology in London

Picture of James Gunn
Updated: 13 January 2018
Technology can seem a daunting and inaccessible field to those who might not have a technical background. But with London near the top of the tech startup world, that knowledge is becoming easier to come by. Aside from teaching yourself online, there are several places in London which regularly, if not permanently, host events and exhibitions which teach us the ins and outs of tech. Here are five we really love:

The Science Museum

The pre-eminent museum for science and technology in the UK, it is rare not to see a queue out the door at the Science Museum. Free admission provides unparalleled access to exhibitions, immersive experience and talks that appeal to all ages. As part of its 2030 strategy, the Science Museum has targeted two areas of particular interests: exceeding the expectations of visitors and harnessing the potential of digital. What that means to the layman is more daring and explorative exhibitions that push the limits of technology in the name of educating others about it.

Business Design Centre

The Business Design Centre is the first of the venues on the list which do not have permanent technology exhibitions, but which often attract some of the most exciting. In the first few months of 2018 you can expect events like The Growth and Innovation Forum and the Virtual Reality Show run by Future Tech Now. These exhibitions, as the venue’s name suggests, tend to focus more on the business applications of tech, a fact reflected in some of the ticket prices.


Just around the corner from Liverpool Street station is this 23,000 square-foot space dedicated to building a community around technology. While die-hards might be attending the hackathons and more technical events, CodeNode caters for more than just the keenest of the keen. With dozens of different meetups, lectures and classes, as well as a fully licensed bar replete with ping-pong tables, there’s no harm in giving it a go.


A charity devoted to innovation in all its forms, what Nesta has to offer in the way of tech education is more theoretical than anything else. Aside from the wealth of resources freely available on its website, Nesta’s HQ by Embankment is host to several different events throughout the year. Each year, it holds a festival called FutureFest; this year, it will be in July.

ExCeL London

Spawn of London 2012, ExCeL is absolutely mammoth. While the exhibitions aren’t all tech-related, the ones that are really are worth going to. Education technology conference, BETT, media technology expo, BV and ICE Totally Gaming are just three examples that have free registration. These conferences and exhibitions last for several days at a time, so there’s plenty to go round.