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Henman Hill/Murray Mount at Wimbledon
Henman Hill/Murray Mount at Wimbledon | © Magnus D / Flickr
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The Best Independent Bookshops in Wimbledon

Picture of James Gunn
Updated: 13 November 2017
When Sir Andy Murray is not feverishly serving to stay on for another day in SW18, both he and the residents of Wimbledon need to find other ways to while away the time. One of the best ways to do that, as all bookworms know, is to find some independent bookshops. Here’s our pick of the best that can be found in Wimbledon.
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Wimbledon Books

Located in the leafy south-eastern corner of the common, Wimbledon Books flies the independent bookshop flag for Wimbledon Village, having moved from Wimbledon Broadway in 2004. It’s this sort of bookshop that reminds you of the importance of small, independent book traders. Brilliantly attentive staff wait for you behind a modest, yet well-selected and attractively presented shop window. They offer a great children’s literature range, and will happily order any titles you wish.

Wimbledon Books, 40 High Street Wimbledon, London, UK +44 20 8879 3101

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Copperfield Books

Copperfield books is run by couple Joe and Jane Thubron, who began selling books on their weekends over the course of five years. They got rather good at it and so opened up this delightfully cluttered and busy secondhand bookshop about a hundred metres from Wimbledon Station. The Dickens-inspired name summons up the tone of ordered chaos in the way the shop presents its stock: a visit to Copperfield Books is an endeavor to explore a world of books.

Copperfield Books, 37 Hartfield Road, London, UK +44 20 8542 0113

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Wykeham Books

This isn’t strictly a bookshop in the sense that you go in, browse, purchase an item and then leave. Instead, Wykeham Books is an independent trader of ‘books about books’. They stock books on book collecting, the book trade, bookbinding, libraries and library history, printing history and typography. Should you be interested in a purchase, an appointment must be made to either view the books in person, or you can find them at trade fairs around the UK at various points in the year.

Wykeham Books, 64 The Ridgway, Wimbledon, London, UK +44 20 8879 3721

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Wisepress Ltd.

Like Wykeham Books, Wisepress sells to a particular niche market. Theirs is medical, both human and animal. You can find academic titles related to surgery, dentistry, nursing and plenty of other disciplines. They regularly participate in and supply medical conferences around the world and use their Wimbledon base as a warehouse from where they ship to almost anywhere.

Wisepress Bookshop, 15 Lyon Road, London, UK +44 20 8715 1812

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Oxfam Bookshop

While not strictly an independent bookshop, Oxfam’s bookshops share that same feeling nevertheless. Some branches are better than others, and this Wimbledon branch is definitely among the best. Bargains galore and luck of the draw make it a fun place to go for inspiration.

Oxfam Bookshop, 45 Heath Street, London, UK +44 20 7794 3060