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No dogs allowed | © olaszmelo/Flickr
No dogs allowed | © olaszmelo/Flickr

The Best Dog Poo-Free Parks In London

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Updated: 9 February 2017
We know you love sharing the sun, the flowers and the grass with your favourite furry friend, but there are some of us who would rather not step in your pooch’s nasty business. Look at how refreshing these parks and green spaces are, without the added aroma or worry that you may be sitting somewhere or stepping on something you wish wasn’t there. For a clean, poop-free day strolling in the park, or enjoying a picnic, this is where you need to be.

Avenue Gardens

The average dog excretes three-fourths of a pound of waste per day — or 274 pounds of waste per year. However, not in Avenue Gardens at Regent’s Park!

Avery Hill Park Rose Garden

Because the sweet scent of roses is the only thing you would want to smell in a rose garden, right?

English Gardens

Did you know that there are DNA tests for dog poo? The samples are sent through the mail (Poop through the mail!) to find out which dog was the evildoer. Sounds like a lot of work, so we just enjoy our dog-free English Gardens.

Greenwich Peninsula Ecology Park

You will find many different species of birds and bugs at the Ecology Park, but none of them will be circling around dog poo.

Pembroke Lodge and Gardens

Nothing can destroy a relaxing stroll in the park more than dog poo sticking onto your shoe! No need to worry about that at this dog-free area.

Memorial Gardens

We all know the Queen loves her furry friends, but no one wants to see that.

Queen Mary’s Gardens

There’s just nothing royal about dog poo, and that’s why we don’t want it in Queen Mary’s Gardens.

Shrewsbury Tumulus

Our furry friends don’t like their own poop and will intentionally avoid it. We don’t like it either, so we avoid it by enjoying a poo-free Shrewsbury Park.

St John’s Lodge Gardens

Here is a treasure of a park for you with open space, filled with colourful flower beds and ancient trees, but not with annoying dog dirt!

Twinkle Park

We are certain about one thing at Twinkle Park; you won’t find a twinkle of smelly dog poo there!

Well Hall Pleasaunce

Trees need water and not urine or dog poop. And neither do we!

Wilderness Deer Park

You may catch a sight of some wild deer in Greenwich’s Wilderness Deer Park, but definitely not of wild dogs.

Wildlife Gardens

Many dog owners haven’t realised that there isn’t a dog poo fairy. At Wildlife Gardens, you will be safe of nasty businesses.

Woodland Gardens

‘Please do not empty your dog here’. Woodland Gardens is to enjoy relaxing picnics without an added aroma no one wishes for.