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Regent's Canal
Regent's Canal | © David Dixon/Geograph
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The Best Canalside Parks in London

Picture of Ruaidhrí Carroll
London Travel Writer
Updated: 4 January 2018
London’s most famous waterway is, of course, the River Thames – but the capital’s beautiful canals should not be forgotten. During the industrial era, the canals served as transportation highways; now they’re here purely for purposes of pleasure. Here are a selection of great canalside parks that are ideal for enjoying London’s beautiful but often overlooked waterways.

Regent’s Park

This is the only one of London’s eight Royal Parks to border one of the capital’s canals. Regent’s Park is on the verge between Central London and North West London, and is just under a 10-minute walk from trendy Camden. Visitors can enjoy the English Gardens, the Boating Lake, Queen Mary’s Rose Gardens and so much more.

Regent's Canal running through Regent's Park
Regent’s Canal running through Regent’s Park | © Yuichi/WikiCommons

Rembrandt Gardens

Little Venice is the scenic spot where the Grand Union Canal and Regent’s Canal converge. Here can be found Rembrandt Gardens, a quaint little park that attracts sunbathers, picnickers and prosecco drinkers in equal measure during the summer months. It’s the perfect place to sit down with a book or simply watch the world go by.

Victoria Park

An enormous expanse of greenery in East London, Victoria Park attracts roughly 12 million visitors every year. Be sure to check out the beautiful Chinese Pagoda, the West Boating Lake and the Old English Garden. There are also plenty of sports facilities and kids will love the large V&A playground.

Regent's Canal at Victoria Park
Regent’s Canal at Victoria Park | © Pexels

Graham Street Garden

Perfect for families with little ones to entertain, Graham Street Garden sits on the edge of North London’s City Road Basin between Angel and Hoxton. It’s a busy children’s playground complete with slides, swings and all kinds of other fun things for kids to do.

Mile End Park

This is a rectangular park that forms part of a green corridor stretching all the way from Limehouse by the River Thames to Victoria Park near the Olympic Park in Stratford. While much of Mile End Park borders Regent’s Canal, there is a particularly beautiful stretch opposite Queen Mary University which includes a picturesque pond and an art pavillion.

Mile End Park | © Ewan Munro/Flickr

Primrose Hill

Technically this one isn’t a canalside park because Regent’s Canal runs through the periphery of Regent’s Park, but Primrose Hill is so close to the canal, we thought we’d take the liberty of including it because it’s a downright awesome place. Climb up to the top of the hill for some stunning panoramic views of the capital.