The Best Artworks By Paul Kenton

Photo of Rehan Sajid
25 April 2016

Paul Kenton is one of those contemporary artists whose presence has been something that we have been blessed with. His painting style has, over the years, evolved into a free-flowing fusion of various media, as he chose not to stick to the limitations of any one medium but rather pick what he felt would communicate the ideas he had for a piece in the most appropriate way.

Houses of Parliament

This piece is visualised through the eyes of the artist and is of one of the most iconic views of London, the Houses of Parliament. Every artist has their own perspective on what to focus on, but what Paul has created in this piece is an emphasis on Big Ben using striking splashes of paint. The paints used have vivid tones of gold and copper with use of silver to soften the visuals. Additionally, he included more of the surroundings resulting in a naturalistic aesthetic, which further accentuates the Houses of Parliament. Hailing from the UK himself, he maintains a strong affinity to iconic and memorable landmarks of the country. This affection permeates throughout his work.

Houses of Parliament | Courtesy of

Paris After Dark

This piece was inspired by Kenton’s travelling expeditions. Being an artist who has always painted what moved him, in this piece he highlights a famous spot of Paris, bringing the Eiffel Tower to prominence. He elegantly shows that Paris’ cafés and streets bring the city to life. As Paris is etched with tall streets and popular landmarks, this piece allows us to envisage the beauty of the city. Even though this is not the only piece that he painted of Paris, it is one of his most iconic as it shows the city at peace with itself. Amongst the hustle and bustle, there is still serenity.

Paris After Dark | Courtesy of

Barcelona Life

As an avid traveller, Kenton realises that there is more to a city than its renowned landmarks, and sometimes it is worth looking at it in a different light. In this piece he has done exactly that – focusing on a small slice of Barcelona street life. This painting highlights a view that not many have the chance to see: the street life without focusing on the famous buildings, landmarks or the people that make the city great. Instead it highlights freedom of expression using paint, collage, photography and, of course, Paul’s unique dripping style to capture the rich textures.

Barcelona Life | © Paul Kenton

Brittania Rain

This piece is an original illustration of a classic view of Piccadilly, using a minimal palette to really capture the mood and emphasise the striking red, white and blue subjects in the painting. The angle of the painting allows the focus to deviate from one point to another and adds a fragment of serenity to the overall scene setting, creating an overriding feeling of vibrancy in the piece. This piece depicts why Paul’s paintings have continued to evolve and the reason why he has become one of Britain’s most successful and sought-after artists.

Britannia Rain | © Paul Kenton

Chez Francis

This canvas depicts people taking shelter and sipping red wine under the canopy of the famous corner café whilst observing the comings and goings of commuters at the nearby metro. The atmosphere captured is one of attention and curiosity. The reason for this sense of curiosity is the setting and the crossing of strangers and their different mindsets – one of a commuter who is in a hurry and the other at the café trying to catch a moment of peace.

Chez Francis | © Artmarket Gallery

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