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Joana Estrela / © Culture Trip
Joana Estrela / © Culture Trip
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The Best Acupuncturists in London

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Updated: 30 November 2017
Acupuncture is a traditional remedy that has been scientifically proven to have positive benefits on health and well-being. The procedure, whilst daunting at first, is surprisingly straightforward. It involves tiny needles being inserted just under the patient’s skin in carefully considered areas to encourage energy flow to specific parts of the body. The area to which the energy is channeled varies depending on the condition or ailment that needs treating, and it has proven to be particularly effective in treating insomnia, anxiety and, perhaps most famously, fertility.

Whatever the reason you’re looking into accupuncture treatment, there are multiple London-based professionals on hand to help. Start with a consultation and then book in for weekly sessions for the first 1 to 6 weeks and monthly or quarterly sessions thereafter.

For Fertility Treatment: Justine Hankin

Specialising in fertility issues, Fulham-based Justine Hankin is the woman to meet if you’re having trouble conceiving and want to do so the natural way. With reviews praising her near-therapist attitude toward clients, her gentle nature, a wealth of knowledge and acute intuition, Justine’s skills not only boast multiple success stories but also come highly recommended by some of the city’s most influential publications.

The Fulham Medical Centre, 446 Fulham Road, London, +44 20 7385 6001

The Best Acupuncturists in London
Joana Estrela / | © Culture Trip
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For Muscle Pain: Kensington Physio and Sports Centre

If you’re suffering from injury or muscular pain, then a Physio and Sports Medicine center is probably the best place to start looking into treatment. Kensington’s offering takes a medical approach to acupuncture and looks for the root of the problem in order to heal it. Practitioners use a technique called Dry Needling which involves needles being inserted into the local tissue as opposed to all over the body in order to directly treat the source of the pain.

Kensington Physio and Sports Centre, 7 Russell Gardens, Kensington, London, +44 207 6030040

For Anti-aging: Kate Winstanley

Much like all the therapists in our hit list, Kate Winstanley is an expert in her field, having appeared on ITV and Channel 4 to talk about the benefits of acupuncture on our general well-being. With practices across west and south London and an ever-growing client base, she is perhaps one of the more widely known acupuncturists the city has to offer. As well as offering the fertility, muscle pain and insomnia treatments that most others do, she also specialises in anti-aging treatments, whereby facial acupuncture is applied as a way of increasing blood circulation, stimulating collagen, tightening muscles and increasing cell regeneration.

Clinics across west and south London

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For Anxiety: Martha Poulou at the Hogarth Clinic

Based at Hogarth Clinic in Chiswick and boasting qualifications from the U.K. and the China Medical University in Taiwan, Martha Poulou is a highly knowledgeable acupuncturist whose expertise spans everything from musculoskeletal conditions to emotional disorders. With a special interest in anxiety and sleep conditions, Martha is among those best placed to treat these kinds of sufferings. Book in for a consultation and let her educate you on how general health and well-being can also work to improve your quality of lifestyle.

The Hogarth Health Club, Airedale Avenue, Chiswick, + 20 3733 3561

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For Insomnia: The Sleep Centre, Harley Street

Believing a good night’s sleep to be the key to a healthy, happy life and acknowledging the fact that every individual is different, the team at The Sleep Centre on Harley Street are dedicated to finding the right treatment for each of its clients. Practitioners perform a number of diagnosis tests and offer a range of medical and holistic treatments, including acupuncture. Each treatment course is specially devised to suit the individual. Quite an exclusive establishment, you must be referred by a General Practitioner or a Medical Specialist before booking in for your consultation.

The London Sleep Centre 137 Harley St London, +44 20 7725 0523

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For Digestive Disorders: Elena Gerasimova

Elena Gerasimova believes that Chinese medicine can have huge benefits for those suffering from slow or poor digestion and her acupuncture therapy offers a drugs-free approach to curing those who suffer. By targeting specific points in the body, she channels the energy to increase muscle contraction and relaxation in the relevant areas. Her positioning in Chelsea is ideally located for those in and around central and west London.

Elena Gerasimova, 61-63 Sloane Ave, Chelsea, London, +44 7887 836 347