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The VIP Airport Service We've All Been Waiting For

Picture of Alex Jordan
Travel Editor
Updated: 18 July 2017
If the airport experience gets too much you can now enlist the services of a VIP entourage to help you glide through the terminal with ease.

The new service, already being rolled out in London’s Luton airport and soon to launch at Heathrow and Gatwick, is surprisingly affordable and aimed at parties who want to get their vacation off to a flying start.

Those who sign up to Fastrack VIP are met at the terminal entrance by their own porter who guides them and their luggage through check in, security and to their gate.

As if having your own personal assistant wasn’t enough, customers also get access to the executive airport lounge and receive trackable labelling packs, so any lost luggage is easily found.

‘Often people find airports very stressful, with the queuing, rushing and sometimes unfamiliarity of airports adding pressure onto a special holiday or exciting business trip,’ says Liz Turner of Fastrack VIP. ‘Our aim is to remove that stress and allow customers to relax and enjoy the time before a flight.’

Fastrack VIP has launched at London’s Luton airport
Fastrack VIP has launched at London’s Luton airport | © oriontrail/Shutterstock

On arrival back in London, customers are also met by a porter who will help them take their luggage from the carousel to their ride home.

The packages’ discounts on spa treatments mean the boarding call will surely come too soon. Couple that with priority boarding and even a budget holiday will have you feeling like you’re flying first class, if only for a little while.

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