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Courtesy of Mookrata
Courtesy of Mookrata
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Thailand's Favourite Dish Pops Up in London

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Updated: 16 January 2018
Mookrata, a new pop up from Chinatown-based hot pot specialist and Shuang Shuang founder Fah Sundravorakul, has opened on Shaftesbury Avenue for a six month run.

Nestled in a cozy space above Shuang Shuang, the eatery combines traditional hot pot and Korean-style BBQ with its delicious eponymous dish, which translates to ‘pork BBQ’ in Thai.

Designed for sharing, guests are invited to sit around a hot pot of simmering broth with a grill dome in the centre. Dishes (£30-£35, serves 2) include broth options – tom yum (tangy and aromatic) and black bird (a sweeter style made from rare black chicken) – as well as a selection of meats from marinated pork, pork belly and black pepper beef. The uncooked meat is served in a generous and towering display, alongside a basket of Udon noodles and vegetables from choi sum to julienne cabbage and assorted mushrooms.

Guests cook their own food at the Mookrata pop-up on Shaftesbury Avenue

Guests cook their own food – meat goes atop the sizzling grill, while the vegetables and noodles soak in the broth. While the selection is more than enough food for two, guests are also invited to choose additions, from tofu to seafood, from the Sushi-style conveyer belt sliding along in front of diners. To complete the dish, guests choose from spicy Thai dipping sauces including lime and chilli, hot and sour, and a special Mookrata sauce.

Bringing the delicacy from his native Thailand to London for the very first time, founder Fah Sundravorakul comments: “I vividly remember eating this with my family as a child, waiting impatiently while the meat sizzles on the grill. Having spent my childhood in Thailand, I’m excited to bring a taste of home to London, and watch Londoners put their spin on it.”

Mookrata is located at 64 Shaftesbury Avenue (entrance via Shuang Shuang), London, W1D 6LU. It is open until the end of June 2018. For more of Thailand’s tastiest tidbits, check out our roundup of 14 mouth watering Thai street foods you’ll love.