Stuntman Recreates Famous Movie Scenes With A Treadmill And Some Lights

Photo of Cassam Looch
Social Editor28 November 2016

Don’t try this at home… even if you do have an industrial sized running platform and some seriously cool lighting effects lying around.

Inspired by some of the most memorable moments in film history, professional stunt performer Damien Walters has created this non-stop video entitled The Evolution Of Stunts.

We won’t reveal the movies in question – there is a follow up video which lists them all if you really must know – however this bravado sequence from Walters is mesmerising enough on its own.

From classic barroom brawls to high speed motorbike chases, the video manages to cover a number of genres and recognisable action favourites.

At one point Walters even manages a full body burn (widely considered to be the most dangerous stunt in the industry) while somersaulting forwards. The madman!

The video is part of an ongoing series by Channel 4.

In a behind the scenes video, Damien said that he still gets scared, but how the nerves themselves are an addictive part of his work.

“There is still that magic making films. You’re making something timeless. I love the challenge…” Walters told All 4.

Let us know if you manage to spot all the films featured in the video, and if you still can’t guess, make sure to check out this video which goes into greater detail about the technical aspects of all the featured movies.