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Detail of Bambi's, You Can Be As Naughty As You Want, 2017 | Courtesy the artist
Detail of Bambi's, You Can Be As Naughty As You Want, 2017 | Courtesy the artist

Street Artist Bambi Unveils Tribute to Princess Di in London

Picture of Freire Barnes
Art & Design Editor
Updated: 18 September 2017

The street artist Bambi has portrayed Princess Diana as Mary Poppins in her latest work, Be As Naughty As You Want, in the heart of London.

At the entrance to Neal’s Yard, Bambi’s newest work in her distinctively stencil style shows Princess Diana floating above her grandchildren, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, with umbrella in one hand and carpet bag in the other, just like the Disney character Mary Poppins – although here with the addition of Harrods logo on the bag in recognition of Dodi al Fayed.

Bambi, You Can Be As Naughty As You Want, 2017 | Courtesy the artist

‘I believe in this world with a sprinkling of fairy dust anything is possible, and dreams can come true,’ said Bambi on the new work. ‘If Di were here today you know she would be whispering to them, “Be as naughty as you want… just don’t get caught”.’

The work was inspired by a recent interview in which Prince William expressed his sadness that his mother wasn’t around to meet her grandchildren and watch them grow up.

It’s also a timely ode, since the Duke and Duchess Cambridge announced they are expecting their third child. We wonder if Bambi might add to the work once the prince or princess is born?

Bambi’s piece will no doubt reach as much acclaim as her Lie Lie Land mural in Angel, London, in which she stencilled Theresa May and Donald Trump dancing in the pose made famous by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in the movie La La Land.

Bambi, Print of Be As Naughty As You Want, 2017 | © the artist

If you can’t get to see the work, then Bambi has also released a limited edition hand drawn and gold leaf spay print of Be As Naughty As You Want with Endangered Editions.

See the Princess Diana mural at Monmouth Street in London WC2.

What to see more art by Bambi? Check out her ‘Lie Lie Land’ mural in North London.