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Exhibition | Courtesy of Buster + Punch
Exhibition | Courtesy of Buster + Punch
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Street-Art And Cosmology At The Rugman Exhibition

Picture of Stephanie Butler
Updated: 31 March 2016
The masterminds behind the brilliant design label Buster + Punch have teamed up with the innovative artist and designer Rugman for an exclusive exhibition and purchasing opportunity. Launched in 2013, Buster + Punch are a London-born label who are passionate about combining rare and solid materials, creating extraordinary objects for everyday use. Inspired by fashion, music and subculture scenes, the team have now collaborated with Rugman, and the exhibition Sister, Mother is now available by appointment for viewing. Anthony McEwan, under the name of Rugman, is the founder of clothing line Rum Knuckles and also creates pieces of exciting visual quality for people to enjoy. Sister, Mother explores mankind’s existence in the universe, belief systems, and the fundamental power of the woman – which can be seen in the central figure exposed in the artwork.

📅 Visits by appointment

📍 The Hop Exchange, Suites 7-9 & 12, 24 Southwark Street, London SE1 1TY

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