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© Sarah Barber / Instagram
© Sarah Barber / Instagram
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So Rainbow Croissants Are a Thing Now

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 4 May 2017
First it was rainbow bagels, then it was rainbow cake followed by rainbow shakes, and now there’s a new trend in town: the rainbow croissant.

People of the world, prepare yourselves because your Instagram feed is about to explode. Big time.

So who started the new craze? You can thank Executive Pastry Chef Sarah Barber for the extremely pretty, and extremely colourful new treats. For the last couple of months, Barber has been busy in the kitchen playing with all sorts of colours and doughs and has finally revealed her magical creations to the world in the most trend-setting way imaginable: Instagram.

A post shared by Sarah Barber (@sbpatisserie) on

You’ll be able to grab and ‘gram one for yourself at London’s swanky Hotel Café Royal. The catch is you’ll have to go to the posh gaff at breakfast time to nab one, as they feature on the brekkie menu only.

Flavours? The wonderfully vibrant pastries of absolute joy are incredibly fruity and are infused with mango, passion fruit, amarena cherry and pistachio, lovely.

A post shared by Sarah Barber (@sbpatisserie) on

A post shared by Sarah Barber (@sbpatisserie) on

It’s not just croissants though, the fabulous chef also creates some rather pretty cakes too:

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And if you’re wondering how they are made…

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Want one of your own? Head to Hotel Café Royal, 68 Regent St W1B 4DY.

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