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| © Debby Wong / Shutterstock
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So Michelle Obama Just Revealed What She Thought of Buckingham Palace's Food

Picture of Alice Johnston
Food Editor
Updated: 9 March 2018
Michelle Obama has undoubtably eaten some of the best food in the world during her time as America’s First Lady.

And she knows exactly where she had all her best meals – right at home in the White House.

Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama wasn’t a fan of Buckingham Palace’s food | © Krista Kennell /Shutterstock

She revealed that although the food at Buckingham Palace was good, it’s nowhere near as good as the food at home.

Michelle spoke about her favourite foods and her eight years living at the White House at Klick Health’s MUSE New York event.

When she was asked whether the food is better at the White House or at the Royal palace, she said: ‘Oh, the White House, without a doubt. I don’t want to insult anybody, but American food is just better.’

The Obama family
The Obama family | © Public Domain/WikiCommons

She conceded that the tableware was better in London, however: ‘When we were served at the state dinner – you know how we have chargers and they’re gold? So you sit down, and everything is gold.

‘The plate that I thought was the charger, that was the plate. They put food on the gold charger because that was their plate. I said, “You win. You win on the plates. You got us beat.”’

Michelle added: ‘Their rose garden? Much bigger.’

It’s good to know that Her Majesty can at least partly measure up to America.

The former First Lady also revealed her pizza preferences, telling the audience that when it comes to a face-off between a New York-style slice and Chicago deep dish, it was ‘Chicago deep dish, are you kidding me? Gino’s East, to be precise.’

The 54-year-old mother of two, who pioneered campaigns on healthy eating and girl’s education while holding her post as first lady, gave the talk ahead of the release of her memoir in November.