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The Montague Ski Lodge is now open | Courtesy of The Montague Hotel
The Montague Ski Lodge is now open | Courtesy of The Montague Hotel
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Ski Lodge Bar Brings the Alps to London

Picture of Alex Jordan
Travel Editor
Updated: 22 November 2017
The Montague on the Gardens Hotel in Russell Square has launched its own ski lodge-themed bar with winter warming cocktails and a snow machine!

It’s never too early to get into the Christmas spirit, which is exactly what the folks at The Montague Hotel have been doing. This week the hotel turned its outdoor Wood Deck into the Montague Ski Lodge, an Alpine-themed bar complete with gondola, snow and ski racks.

With its pine trees, reindeer and snowmen, the bar transports guests hundreds of miles away to the snow-capped peaks of Europe. Stop by before January 20 2018 for candied pecans, mulled wine, hot spiced cider, special hot chocolate cocktails and much more.

Mulled wine | Courtesy of The Montague Hotel

To get you in the mood, here’s the Montague Ski Lodge’s recipe for making your own mulled wine at home. For the real thing, and to try the other delicious winter warmers, make sure you get down to Russell Square soon!


1 bottle red wine
60g/2oz demerara sugar
2 cinnamon sticks
grated nutmeg
1 orange, halved
1 dried bay leaf
1 tbsp cloves
60ml Grand Marnier
50ml Cointreau


Put all ingredients except for the Grand Marnier into a pot on a gentle heat. Let it simmer for an hour, then place the Grand Marnier into the pot and let it simmer for five minutes. Now it’s ready to serve.


Dehydrated orange
Cinnamon stick


Classic glass coffee cup

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