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London's Camberwell Fair Is An Eclectic Collection Of Food And Music
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London's Camberwell Fair Is An Eclectic Collection Of Food And Music

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Updated: 5 January 2017
The new Camberwell Fair is not only a community event enjoyed by the inhabitants of south London; it is a festival that celebrates London culture. Starting at midday and ending at 8 pm, the day incorporates a packed schedule of entertainment for everyone. Legend has it that the festival mirrors a Victorian community soirée that took place at the same location many moons ago. This year, the festival took place on Saturday, July 25th, 2015.
The Turbans perform on the main stage | Courtesy of Keeley Hazell
The Turbans perform on the main stage | Courtesy of Keeley Hazell

Supporting local entrepreneurship and creativeness, Camberwell’s finest businesses are invited to showcase their particular products to hundreds of visitors. An eclectic group of artists from resident co-operative workshop The Remakery even create original decorations for the fair from scraps of wood and recycled materials. Visitors, in the form of single folks and families alike, descend to Camberwell Green to relish in entertainment from two stages, dance workshops, refreshments, farmers’ markets, and relax on the haystacks distributed around the green.

A scrumptious selection of pop up stalls is on hand, serving local delicacies to satisfy hungry tummies – yet these are not your average food outlets. Return of the Mac provide wonderful pots of macaroni and cheese blanketed by tender BBQ chicken and crispy fried onions, which is just deliciously genius. Originating locally, the revolutionary food outlet was established in December 2014, and although they do not have a brick-and-mortar shop, they have already become a hit across south London.

The Camberwell Fair
The Camberwell Fair | Courtesy of Keeley Hazell

Another food highlight is the magnificently named The Pished Fish, which offers tasty smoked salmon infused with an array of alcoholic flavors. This inventive concept epitomizes the creativity of Camberwell’s local foods. Their stall can be regularly spotted within farmers’ markets across the capital.

A memorable set on the Wormfood Stage is the bold international musical collective, The Turbans. All members originate from various nations including Belarus, Greece, Israel, England and more, all possessing an individual flair that electrifies on stage. Local musicians and various community acts perform throughout the day, providing a diverse range of great entertainment for festival-goers.

Vintick | Courtesy of Keeley Hazell
Vintick | Courtesy of Keeley Hazell

Children can transform their appearances at the face-painting stall as adults enjoy makeovers at the beauty stand. The hip vintage stall, Vintick, specializes in good quality Nike wear and displays marvelous products, from jackets to trainers and old school badges; it is the only retailer of its kind in the world. Founder George Laing established this unique brand in 2013 from within the heart of London, and makes his presence known in Camberwell.

The fair is well-sponsored by local companies, including Southwark Council, which liberated local traders alongside bold art, music, and literature. This festival is a community event to be proud of. Considering the event is free to attend, it is well organized, and exhibits a distinct culture from the local area.

Camberwell Fair, Camberwell Green, Camberwell, London, SE5 7GB, UK