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Relive Your Childhood in This Magical Harry Potter-Themed Hotel

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 12 September 2017
The Georgian House Hotel in London has rooms which are inspired by the Harry Potter books, to make you feel like you’re spending the night at Hogwarts!

Whether you’re a Potter maniac or just a simple muggle aimlessly wandering the streets of London waiting for your Hogwarts acceptance letter, we’ve some good news for you: The Georgian House hotel, a delightful 160 plus-year-old hotel in London, has rooms that play homage to the books famous Gryffindor chambers! Think: stained glass and four-poster beds hung with velvet curtains.

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Concealed behind a very secret, and very quirky bookcase door, curious wizards have to pass through a portrait-lined passageway (candles included). Get your Instagram at the ready too, because the candles cast beautiful dancing shadows across the gloomy stone walls.

© Georgian House Hotel
© Georgian House Hotel

Along with experiencing the authentic Hogwarts experience, guests can also take advantage of a potty than pottier Potter package, which takes you on a walking tour of central London’s famous landmarks from the films. Oh, and the package even includes entry to the Making of Harry Potter tour. Score!

So, if you’re still angry you haven’t received your entry to the Wizarding world, take comfort in the fact that for £309 per night, you can experience the best of the wizarding world. All that’s left to say is Accio, Georgian House Hotel!

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