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Immersive Cinema | Courtesy of Pop Up Screens
Immersive Cinema | Courtesy of Pop Up Screens

Pop Up Screens: Experience The New Age Of Watching Movies

Picture of Henry Oliver
Updated: 21 December 2016
 Not just another venue to go and see a movie, Pop Up Screens is an unique cinema experience. Hosting outside film events at carefully selected locations during the summer and organising spectacular, immersive movie gems in the winter, Pop Up Screens is a must-do in any season. Read our interview with the Pop Up Screens founder to explore the more extensive and entertaining way of watching a movie.
Courtesy of Pop Up Screens What motivated the foundation of Pop Up Screens?
I got mildly obsessed with a graphic designer called Olly Moss and he produced some amazing artwork for this thing called Rolling Road in America which was organised by Alamo Drafthouse, where they were doing outdoor screenings and taking films back to the locations they were shot in. Outdoor cinema seemed like a cool idea so I found one in the UK to go to, but I hated it and thought I could do better, which I set about trying to do.
How long have you been running Pop Up Screens?
We did our first, very bumpy screening in May 2011.
Outdoor cinema is becoming somewhat of a phenomenon in London. What’s your opinion on this trend?
To be honest I’m not really sure. It’s definitely a good thing on one hand and a bad thing on the other for both us and anyone wanting to go and see a movie.
What kind of films do you screen?
We show movies you already know you love, or your mate loves, or your Mum loves. It’s as much about the social side of going to a movie as it is the actual movie.
Courtesy of Pop Up Screens Over the summer Pop Up Screens are outdoors and then in the winter you delve into some more immersive cinematic experiences. What does one of these immersive experiences involve?
The first Halloween screening we did was outdoors and that was when the penny dropped that people don’t want to sit outdoors in the cold, so we set about trying to do something fun indoors.  Secret Cinema is obviously the king of immersive cinema, but at £60 to £80 it’s a really expensive experience, and having been to a few of their screenings it isn’t always worth it. So, my big thing was doing something that could give people value for money and keep tickets under £25.  Hopefully we manage to offer an experience that does marry up to that.  We’ve tried to do some weird and wonderful things under the immersive banner from pairing cocktails with movies to filling a venue full of snow and asking the audience to enter through a wardrobe.  Immersive cinema is a tough nut to crack.
Courtesy of Pop Up Screens Are there any independent or boutique London cinemas you’d recommend to our readers?
I don’t live in London myself; I tend to flit in and out so I’m not completely up to date on what’s cool at the moment…I should probably whisper that!  I like Everyman’s Screen on the Green over at Islington, it’s a beautiful building and offers a very chilled out atmosphere to watch a movie.
Who is your favourite director of all time?
I’m rubbish at picking out a favourite of anything and directors are incredibly hard, but anything by the Coen’s is normally a good starting point for me or the Duplass Brothers.
What can we expect from Pop Up Screens in the future?
Probably more of the same.  Outdoors in the summer, something fun at Christmas and then a ‘good’ idea or two in-between.