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'Perfection Is A Myth': The Instagrammer Who Captures London In Scribbles
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'Perfection Is A Myth': The Instagrammer Who Captures London In Scribbles

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Updated: 19 December 2016
Self-taught artist, photographer and former drummer Dougie Harley uses scribbles, lines and colour to promote the beautiful imperfection and unpredictability of the world around him, creating emotive sketches of the city that acts his muse. With music always playing and a sketchbook in hand, Harley’s time touring on the road inspires his dynamic and exciting style. Here are 10 of our favourite scribbles taken from the brilliant artists’ Instagram page.

London cityscape in progress – a large piece being created as a donation to the Affordable Art Auction in order to raise money for The Rachel Harry Fund.

Trafalgar Square at night – inspired by a night-time walk home through the streets of London.

Big Ben – only lifting the pen off the paper to dip for more black ink enabled the artist’s hand to move freely across the paper until eventually achieving the shape.

London Bridge – this piece is a collage containing a drawing of London Bridge, a photograph of the landscape scanned in to the computer and then some colour added digitally creating different layers.

‘AMWWF Live’ album cover – digitally created, the circles symbolise the musicians themselves and the colours bleeding in to the audience symbolises the effect live music can have.

Trumpet player – part of Dougie’s ‘Musician Series’, inspired by his love of different musical genres and the amazing street musicians of Barcelona.

The Trellick Tower – inspired by the amazingly bizarre brutalist architecture in London, Dougie created his own Brutalist Architecture series, adding his own style to the buildings with digital colouring.

Black Friday – These pieces were created as a silent protest on behalf of the artist, who feels disgusted with this era’s obsession with consumerism. The drawings are inspired by the now infamous scenes of Black Friday in 2014.

London cityscape finished – this large piece donated to the Affordable Art Auction for The Rachel Harry Fund took three days to complete. At a closer look you can find most of London’s major landmarks.

This chimpanzee was the first animal Dougie ever drew, as part of his ‘Animals Series’ – a total of 15 original illustrations which sold out within 4 hours of going live on his website.