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Tang's Pablo Esco-bun | Image courtesy of Tang
Tang's Pablo Esco-bun | Image courtesy of Tang
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Of Course the "Pablo Esco-Bun" Comes With Free Coke

Picture of Kathryn Maier
NYC Food & Drink Editor
Updated: 16 August 2017
Today in mildly inappropriate food puns: The Pablo Esco-bun (with free coke, natch) is reportedly selling out in London.

Instagram-ready stunt foods aren’t usually our thing. But the latest offering from Tang, a Singaporean noodle bar in London’s Fitzrovia neighborhood, made us look twice.

They’ve just launched the “Pablo Esco-bun,” a beef- or chicken- or tofu-filled bun printed with Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar’s likeness. To up the ante, each order, they say, comes with free coke.

That’s coke as in fizzy drinks; they’re using the term in the deep-American-South sense, where it’s a synonym for soda. Specifically, you get a Karma Cola, an organic and fair-trade soda that gives part of its proceeds to cola nut farmers in Sierra Leone.

Tang’s “Pablo Esco-bun”
Tang’s “Pablo Esco-bun” | Image courtesy of Tang

The whole thing is in celebration of the launch of the film American Made, starring Tom Cruise as a pilot who doubles as a CIA agent and a drug runner in Latin America in the 1980s. The buns launched today and will be available until August 25, the date of the film’s the UK release.

In related name-pun news: the tiki-leaning Pablo Discobar is Reykjavik’s hottest new cocktail bar. No word on the coke (solid or liquid) situation there.