No More 'Avocado Hand' Thanks to Clever New Design by British Brand Joseph Joseph

Photo of Charlotte Luxford
Architecture & Design Editor10 January 2018

If you think ending up in A&E with ‘Avocado hand’ is a bit of a hefty price to pay for the perfect Instagram brunch shot, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can enjoy your avo without a side order of sliced hand thanks to this nifty little gadget designed by the inventive duo behind Joseph Joseph.

Twin brothers Anthony and Richard have created world-famous kitchenware out of their London studio that puts ‘smart’ design at the forefront of all of their products and this latest gadget, the GoAvocado, is no exception.

Courtesy of Joseph Joseph

‘Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Joseph Joseph, that’s why we make it our aim to identify everyday problems and solve them by designing functional solutions,’ explain the founders.

There’s been a real rise in people receiving hand injuries while trying to de-stone avocados according to A&E departments in the UK, with retailer Marks & Spencer even coming up with a new ‘seedless’ avocado to combat the problem.

Courtesy of Joseph Joseph

This new 3-in-1 tool has been created to make it safer to cut, de-stone and slice avocados, making it a simple solution to prevent future injuries and just providing an easier, more efficient way to prepare them.

Described as ‘your new kitchen saviour’ by the brand and as part of its ‘Healthy Food Made Fast’ campaign, the new 3-in-1 design comes with a stainless steel pitter, which makes it much easier and safer to remove the stone. The GoAvocado also has a folding plastic blade – much like a pocket knife – for taking off the skin, plus a slicing tool, saving time and mess.

Courtesy of Joseph Joseph

If you’re a true brunch lover, you can also get the GoAvocado tool as part of Joseph Joseph’s new Breakfast Set, which allows keen home chefs to infuse their poached eggs with herbs and spices.

‘This two-piece breakfast set means the poached eggs and avocado on toast aficionados out there no longer have to consider it a weekend treat only,’ said the brand.

Courtesy of Joseph Joseph

The London-based company was founded back in 2003 and has a myriad of clever products on offer, including its famous Chop2pot design and smart Totem waste and recycling bin. As well as kitchen products, the brand has recently moved into designs suitable for the bathroom, cleaning and storage.

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