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Courtesy of Boxpark
Courtesy of Boxpark
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New Boxpark to Open in Wembley Park

Picture of Alex Jordan
Travel Editor
Updated: 26 September 2017
Boxpark is coming to Wembley Park as owners announce a third site will open next year.

Boxpark became famous as the first pop-up mall in London when it opened Boxpark Shoreditch in 2011.

That was at the zenith of the pop-up craze and Londoners have flocked to its shipping containers-cum-retail stores ever since.

In 2016 Boxpark opened a second location in South London. Boxpark Croydon specialises in food and beverage, as well as hosting events in collaboration with the local community.

This week Boxpark announced it is building Boxpark 3.0 in Wembley Park.

Courtesy of Boxpark
Courtesy of Boxpark

Once viewed simply as the industrial part of town in the shadow of England’s national stadium, the area has undergone rapid development in recent years.

Surrounded by schools, universities and two of the country’s largest entertainment venues (Wembley Stadium and the SSE Arena) Wembley should make for the perfect spot to build Boxpark’s latest iteration.

Boxpark creator and CEO Roger Wade said: ‘We look forward to working closely with Quintain, Brent Council, and the other venue operators on the site, to develop a world class food, drink and entertainment destination, and possibly the best fan park in the world!’

Boxpark Wembley will open its doors towards the end of 2018. Check out for more details.