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'Moonlight' Expands onto 80 Screens in the UK Following Oscar Triumph
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'Moonlight' Expands onto 80 Screens in the UK Following Oscar Triumph

Picture of Cassam Looch
Film Editor
Updated: 27 October 2017

Oscar-winning film Moonlight will play at an additional 80 screens across the UK from this Friday (March 3) following last’s night Best Picture win at the Oscars, and a strong opening 10 days at the UK box office.

Last Friday the film expanded to 170 screens (from the previous week’s 85), and has so far grossed £1.25 million in the UK, a figure now expected to be boosted by the Oscar wins.

As well as Best Picture, Moonlight took home Oscars for Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor for Mahershala Ali.


The controversial winner of the Best Picture Award, has been on Culture Trip’s radar ever since a crowd-pleasing debut at last year’s London film festival. We spoke to the film’s director, Barry Jenkins, about what makes the drama so special.

Moonlight is on general release now