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Courtesy Ministry Does Fitness
Courtesy Ministry Does Fitness
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Ministry Of Sound Opens a Fitness Studio in London, Complete With Bar

Picture of Esme Benjamin
Wellness Editor
Updated: 27 February 2017
One of London’s most famous nightclubs, Ministry Of Sound, is branching into fitness with an experiential new gym that encourages a workout hard, play harder mentality.

Ministry Does Fitness is situated, oh-so appropriately, in the vaults that once contained the club’s booze supply. The arches have since been transformed into a fitness studio with an on-brand clubby vibe (think disco balls and swirling lights) where instructors teach to the ambient sounds of house bangers.

The studio’s signature workouts were created by Harry Jameson, a renowned trainer who pens a regular fitness column for Esquire. Each weekday is dedicated to a different focus, from cardio to strength to endurance — an à la carte approach to fitness that adds up to a perfectly balanced regimen.

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Courtesy Ministry Does Fitness

The idea of balance is central to Ministry Does Fitness, which also has a social hangout space with leather couches and long communal tables. There you can grab the usual post-workout protein smoothie or snack, or reward yourself with something from the boozy cocktail list.

“We’re ripping up the rule book,” Olivia Brafman, the studio’s manager told Welltodo. “Life is all about balance and not slaving away in the gym with only a carrot at the finish line. We want our customers to come to The Arches to sweat their arses off, have fun and celebrate a good workout at the bar where the party continues.”

Ministry Of Sound’s reimagining of the fitness space aligns perfectly with the trend for immersive classes like IMAXshift and WOOM Center in New York City. When it comes to breaking a sweat, embracing a more sensory experience is the key to greater enjoyment.

Ministry Does Fitness, Arches 80 and 81, Newington Court, London, United Kingdom, SE1 6DD +44 20 7740 8726