Meet Former Baker Turned Ceramicist Lily Pearmain

The former sourdough baker tells Culture Trip about becoming a ceramicist and why she enjoys working with clay to make functional items.

There might be obvious similarities between baking and ceramics, but former baker Lily Pearmain has found her creative calling in working with clay. Whether it be a mug or plate, the London-based ceramist loves to make everyday items for people to interact with.

Lily Pearmain © Culture Trip

Based out of Turning Earth‘s E10 studio, Pearmain’s minimal style incorporates simple and fun geometric patterns or one-colour glazes that accentuate the earthy quality of her stoneware creations.

Always open to experimentation, one of her first projects was a series of stoneware boobs (a percentage of sales was donated to breast cancer charity, CoppaFeel). Initially intended as garden sculptures, Pearmain soon realised their decorative – if somewhat conceptual – potential as indoor objects.

You can view more of Lily’s utility and sculptural creations on her Instagram account.

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