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Marvel's Iron Fist | © Cara Howe / Netflix
Marvel's Iron Fist | © Cara Howe / Netflix
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Marvel's Official 'Iron Fist' Trailer Promises Some Kick-Ass Action

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Film Editor
Updated: 7 February 2017
The official trailer for Marvel’s Iron Fist has finally landed ahead of its Netflix launch on March 17, and it promises to be an action-packed extravaganza to set up The Defenders team-up later in the year.

Billionaire Danny Rand (Finn Jones) returns to New York City after being missing for years, trying to reconnect with his past and his family legacy. He fights against the criminal element corrupting New York City with his kung fu mastery and ability to summon the awesome power of the fiery ‘Iron Fist’.

Marvel's 'Iron Fist' team assemble | © Cara Howe / Netflix
Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’ team assemble | © Cara Howe/Netflix

Joining Luke Cage, Electra, Jessica Jones, Daredevil and The Punisher, Iron Fist will first be established as a character in the Marvel/Netflix universe in this standalone series. He’ll then join the The Defenders line-up later in 2017. Rosario Dawson is set to reprise her role as Claire Temple, having previously appeared in all the previous Marvel outings.

Iron Fist will be the fourth Netflix series to be based around a Marvel character and stars Game of Thrones’ Finn Jones in the title role.

The character is known for his expertise in martial arts, and Jones has been training for months to perfect the look and skills of Danny Rand. We see more of this in the exciting trailer, which also gives us a better idea of where the character will sit in the ever-expanding superhero universe.

It’s also been rumoured that all the Netflix characters will feature in a future Avengers movie.

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