10 London-Based Illustrators To Know

Jean Jullien | © Jordi Bernabeu Farrús / Flikr
Jean Jullien | © Jordi Bernabeu Farrús / Flikr
Photo of Dominika Cecot
28 November 2016

Illustration is no longer associated with pictures in children’s books, but has become a bridge between graphic design and fine art. It requires skill, but also understanding of the digital world and graphic design. Discover some of London’s best illustrators below.

Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien is a French illustrator living in London, known for his simple and poignant style. His works are often character-based and instantly recognisable. He is also the artist behind the viral Peace For Paris image.

Jean Jullien | © Jordi Bernabeu Farrús / Flikr

Malika Favre

Malika Favre is a Parisian living in London. Her style is bold, minimal and sexy, an original style distinguished by her fantastic use of colours, patterns and shapes.

Malika Favre | © 从峰 陈/ Flikr

Daniel Frost

Daniel Frost is a British illustrator and graduate from the Royal College of Arts in London. He uses watercolour, collage and crayons to create his delicate yet quirky illustrations.

Noma Bar

Noma Bar is an Israeli-born artist living in London, who describes his style as “maximum communication with minimum elements.” He composes the images by layering sketches on top of each other to create the simple, yet beautiful narrative.

Noma Bar exhibition | © Trapped In Suburbia / Flikr

Thibaud Hérem

Thibaud Hérem is also a French artist in London. However, his works can be described in one word: buildings. The images are so detailed that on first sight they seem like photographs. Thibaud works with pencil and Indian ink.

Thibaud Hérem, The Big Egg Hunt 2013 | © Karen Roe / Flikr

Ben Rider

Ben Rider is an illustrator and printmaker whose works are vibrant and edgy. The busy, colourful, energetic punk style combined with experimental printing methods results in eye-catching and strong images.

Ben Rider | Courtesy of the Artist

Anthony Burrill

We all have seen his work, or copies of it, but who is the man behind the projects? Anthony Burrill is a designer, artist, illustrator and set decorator. His plain and simple designs combine traditional methods with modern concepts.

Anthony Burrill | © Amber Case/ Flikr

Richard Hogg

Richard Hogg is actually Hastings based, but that’s not too far from London. Hogg is an artist, illustrator and video games designer. He designed the beautiful game Hohokum.

Richard Hogg | Courtesy of the Artist

Luke Dixon

Luke Dixon’s illustrations mainly end up on clothes for the The Bear Hug brand. His medium is ink and his style is very fine, detailed lines. Dixon draws wonderful portraits and animals.

Michelle Thompson

Apart from drawn and painted elements, Michelle Thompson also incorporates books, magazines, postcards and photography into her work. She combines traditional techniques with digital technology.

Michelle Thompson and anonymous | © cea + / Flikr

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