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London's Thriving Independent Coffee Scene, With Workshop Coffee

Picture of Andrew Webb
Food & Drink Editor
Updated: 10 March 2017
London hosts a very experimental coffee scene, which is full of competition. With new roasteries constantly popping up all over the city, Londoners need not go far to find quality coffee that can be enjoyed in a refreshingly edgy coffee shop or on the go.

Workshop Coffee, which has four outlets in London, entices coffee lovers to their Holborn branch at the weekend by offering brewing masterclasses, with a choice of either filter coffee or espressos.

Tutorials at Workshop Coffee address all aspects of the process that turns a simple bag of beans into a drink of delicious sophistication. That means all are welcome to learn the tricks of the coffee trade, even if you’ve never made a cup of coffee in your life.

The folks over at Workshop Coffee teach students about all stages of the coffee life cycle, from field to cup. Their masterclasses cover everything from the methods used to pick and process the coffee cherries, to how the processed coffee beans are then transported, roasted and, eventually, ground and brewed.

As for brewing the perfect blend, the masterclass will guide participants through all the gritty details of the process. Not only does Workshop Coffee offer guidance on how to use a recipe and the ideal ratio of coffee to liquid, but those who partake will also learn about adjusting the grind profile, how to get the best flavour from the beans you use and how to tweak things for your own personal preferences.

While the espresso masterclass even includes instruction on how to prepare the milk, both courses teach amateur brewers about the many different ways to brew coffee and the different vessels used.

That said, James Bailey, Head of Quality at Workshop Coffee, insists that good coffee beans are a prerequisite for great coffee and no amount of skilled brewsmanship can make incredible coffee from low quality beans.

Meanwhile attendees, who are entitled to a 10% discount on all Workshop Coffee hardware and an exclusive offer on their coffee subscription service, will also take home a 250g (9 oz.) bag of freshly roasted coffee.