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ArcellorMittal Orbit Slide | Courtesy of LLDC
ArcellorMittal Orbit Slide | Courtesy of LLDC
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The World's Longest Slide Has Opened In London And It's Amazing

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Updated: 30 October 2016
After this weekend’s grand opening of London‘s latest landmark, The Slide at the ArcelorMittal Orbit, we went along to see if people were slipping down satisfied or left walking in circles. Being the world’s longest and tallest tunnel slide, standing at 178 meters, it packs a punch with the 40 second descent. The Culture Trip London asked some of the first riders for their thoughts.

Sasha, 28, France

My first impression of coming down the slide was that it was really good, it’s a really nice activity and a great experience. It’s not really scary at all but a good adrenaline rush. I can’t think of anything to compare it to really as it’s a really unique experience.

Liz, 56, London

Our overall impression of the structure is great and it’s nice to have an attraction like this in East London. [The viewing tower] was good because we’ve come on a clear day and so the views are great.

I would have appreciated having a map of the area because we don’t live that far away and we wanted to see where we live from the top, but they do have these screens in the viewing tower and they do tell you where all the important London landmarks are.

The walkway and the slide are great fun and compliment the shape of the ArcelorMittal Orbit.

The Slide at ArcelorMittal Orbit | © Ellie Griffiths
The Slide at ArcelorMittal Orbit | © Ellie Griffiths

Katie, 43, Surrey

I went down first and just screamed. When I got down I was told it was a record for the loudest scream of the day!

It definitely isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, but it’s an unusual experience as I haven’t been on a roller-coaster for years so there was nothing to compare it to. It was twisting from side to side so you have to keep yourself tucked in.

I found the dark bits a bit scary too but its designed to give you a rush and it was fabulous and we’ve agreed we would definitely come and slide it again.

Ben, 18, USA

We’re from Atlanta so we wanted to see the views of London and the slide was a bonus.

I’m actually scared of heights so I didn’t go to the edge of the viewing platform but it was really interesting and a good way to see the city.

The slide was really cool as I’ve never done anything like it, it gave me such a rush but it was so fast. I want to go down again.

Top of slide | Courtesy of LLDC
Top of slide | Courtesy of LLDC

Mark, 49, and Emily, 12, London

I don’t like heights so I was terrified pushing off at the top but once you get going its fantastic.

I thought it was brilliant when you go through the dark bits then the light bits and catching glimpses of the skyline was incredible. We both want to go again now to take it in better because it does pull quite a lot of g [force] so it’s very fast.

The twists and turns were really cool and it was fun getting jolted around and not knowing what was coming next, I would tell anyone who is thinking of going to go as soon as possible. It was so fun.

Andrew, 31, Birmingham

The slide is a lot quicker than I imagined actually, as they allow quite young kids on the slide so I was expecting it to feel pretty slow; but it’s so fast. On the first turn, it felt almost like a bobsleigh and it does throw you from side to side quite a lot.

The ride itself is really amazing and I would say well worth the money, I would definitely do it again.

The Slide at ArcelorMittal Orbit | Courtesy of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
The Slide at ArcelorMittal Orbit | Courtesy of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

James, 27, London

The slide is pretty quick so I was kind of in shock as I went down. It’s almost like a roller-coaster as it’s so twisty with turns and it’s so quick, but it’s also not like anything I’ve done before.

It’s so quick at times I felt like I was being thrown at about 90 degree angles. The viewing bits on the slide were really fun and I felt almost like I was going over the stadium but it was quite hard to register anything really. It’s such a rush and I would definitely tell people to come and have a go.

Open daily: various slots available

ArcelorMittal Orbit, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, 3 Thornton St, London E20 2AD