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Garden Bridge | Courtesy of Garden Bridge Trust
Garden Bridge | Courtesy of Garden Bridge Trust
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London’s Landscape In Bloom With The Garden Bridge

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Updated: 12 January 2017
Imagine an enchanting natural space above the river where you can stroll leisurely in peace, away from the busy roads, immersed in both wildlife and the charming greenery. Conceived by celebrity Joanna Lumley in 1998 as a memorial for Princess Diana, the plan for a garden bridge that connects two areas of London is finally being put into action.

Bringing beauty to London’s landscape

The Garden Bridge will be a pioneering facelift for London, intending to idyllically frame the city’s skyline for future generations. Situated above the River Thames, this new landmark design will connect the South Bank and the Northbank with a walk through nature. The bridge will be built of copper and nickel, a sustainable material that will endure for centuries, with a warm tone throughout the structure that will compliment buildings on either side of the river. A spectacle from all angles, the bridge will stand on two piers that will appear to be emerging from the riverbed, and will hold a stunning garden with thousands of planted trees, shrubs and bulbs. Each plant has been mindfully chosen to represent London’s horticultural history, to enhance the image of the city and to allow people to view iconic landmarks through a new perspective. Free for residents, commuters and tourists between 6AM and midnight with footpaths weaving throughout, the garden will offer a different sensual experience every time you step into it, due to the ever changing seasonal landscape growing with time.

Garden Bridge | Courtesy of Garden Bridge Trust
Garden Bridge | Courtesy of Garden Bridge Trust

The benefits are bountiful

This is a unique design bringing a world-class landscaped garden to the heart of London, re-establishing it as Europe’s greenest capital city. The connection between the two sides of the river will encourage visitors to visit landmarks on either side, and encourages Londoners not to take transport for short journeys. It will be a safer and more enjoyable experience for pedestrians in comparison to the other traffic congested bridges, strengthening the city’s biodiversity and improving air quality. The bridge will bring about a plentitude of new jobs, apprenticeships and educational programmes offering the community to learn about the environment. Furthermore, it will assist London economically, as the landmark will be an attraction and will expose the capital as an ambitious one. It will also be a dynamic display for creative talent in the UK, due to the work and commitment that will be invested into the design, engineering and landscaping.

Garden Bridge Walkway View | Courtesy of Garden Bridge Trust
Garden Bridge Walkway View | Courtesy of the Garden Bridge Trust

With construction planning to begin in 2016, The Garden Bridge should be open to the public in 2018. Led by top designers Thomas Heatherwick and Dan Pearson, and engineer consultant at Arup, the bridge will be used and loved by all who live or pass through London, and will hopefully become just as iconic as other structures in the landscape.

Garden Bridge North Landing | Courtesy of Garden Bridge Trust
Garden Bridge North Landing | © Arup And Heatherwick Studio

Opening in 2018, 6AM – 12AM

Temple Underground Station to South Bank