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Some Like It Hot | © Dirty Bones
Some Like It Hot | © Dirty Bones
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London's Gone Nuts for Hot and Spicy Cocktails

Picture of Andrew Webb
Food & Drink Editor
Updated: 24 July 2017
London bars are turning up this heat this summer with cocktails that pack a real punch. Ingredients such as chilli, wasabi, pimiento and cayenne join old favourites such as tabasco in a flavourful frenzy. Here then, is our round up of London’s hottest cocktails.

‘Some like it hot’ at Dirty Bones

Features Ketel One vodka, grapefruit juice, fresh muddled apricot, chilli salt and fiery naga chilli bitters.

Some Like It Hot
Some Like It Hot | © Dirty Bones

‘Cortez the Killer’ at Oriole

Olmeca altos repo tequila, cascara sweet vermouth, amontillado sherry & Ancho Reyes verde liqueur, with fresh chilli to finish.

Cortez the Killer
Cortez the Killer | ©

‘The Dirty Mary’ at Dirty Bones

Ketel One Vodka, tomato, lemon and pickle juices, hot sauce. The rim of the glass is rimmed with sour cream Pringles for the ultimate in indulgence.

Dirty Mary
Dirty Mary | © Dirty Bones

‘The Inca cocktail’ at Nightjar

Cabeza tequila, tomatillo, hazelnut oil, lime, chilli wine, epazote, buffalo worms, fino sherry and agave.

The Inca
The Inca | ©

‘Banchan Mary’ at Nightjar

Absolut elyx vodka, aromatic vegetable bouillon, daikon sriracha, pumpkin seed dashi, tamarillo and chilli cress.

Banchan Mary
Banchan Mary | © Nightjar

‘The Mayan’s Gift’ at MNKY HSE

Mezcales de leyenda durango, lemon, freshly pressed beetroot juice, homemade rose and vanilla sugar, cloudy apple juice and house smoked chilli salt.

Mayan’s Gift
Mayan’s Gift | © MNKY HSE

‘Tokatzu Margarita’ at Zuma London

Mezcal amores, avocado and shiso, lime juice, apple, green tea and wasabi salt.

Tokatzu Margarita
Tokatzu Margarita | © Zuma

‘Green Spice Martini’ at Benares

Wyborowa vodka shaken over a coriander and cumin syrup, fresh root ginger, fresh lemon juice and elderflower cordial, ginger and coriander leaves. Garnished with a dehydrated red chilli.

Green Spice Martini
Green Spice Martini | © Benares

‘Don’t Judge Me’ at St Martin’s Lane

Tanqueray No. TEN with Lillet Blanc and home-made red pepper shrub.

Don’t Judge Me
Don’t Judge Me | © St Martin's Lane