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Charles DP Miller | ©cdpm/Flickr
Charles DP Miller | ©cdpm/Flickr
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London’s Best Christmas Lights Of 2015

Picture of Kristen Mankosa
Updated: 24 April 2017
As the holidays draw nearer, London starts to glow with thousands of twinkling lights, strung across streets and along storefronts. This year’s impressive displays adorn some of the city’s most-loved landmarks, and can make for a beautiful sight on a walk with friends or a romantic stroll with someone special. So wrap up tight, fill your flask with hot chocolate and follow this guide for your ultimate, glittering holiday walking tour.
Piccadilly Circus
Piccadilly Circus | ©zulu inc\Flickr

Piccadilly Circus to Bond Street

Start your tour at Piccadilly Circus’ Statue of Eros, now ensconced in a giant snow globe. Take a glance around and you’ll be able to peek down Regent Street or over at the Christmas Market shining from Leicester Square. Make your way southwest, down Piccadilly Road, stopping along the way to take in Ai Weiwei’s Tree installation at the Royal Academy of Arts and then the window displays at Fortnum and Masons. Turn onto Old Bond Street and walk past the glorious window displays of the high-end shops. Brilliant decorations light up the length of the road, providing a quiet, festive atmosphere to guided your stroll all the way to Oxford Street.

Oxford Street
Oxford Street | ©Juanillooo/Flickr

Oxford Street

The crowded pavement and busy stores of Oxford Street are illuminated with lights and baubles, both inside the shops and down the street. If you haven’t seen Selfridge’s astrology-themed display yet, make sure to wander down the sidewalk and admire the spinning solar system display and the astrology-themed windows. From here you can continue toward Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland or head back toward Oxford Circus to continue the hunt for holiday magic. Make sure to duck into St Christopher’s Place for a quick look around about before reaching the top of Regent Street.

St Christopher’s Place
St Christopher’s Place | ©Travel Junction/Flickr

St Christopher’s Place

Located between Selfridges and The Disney Store, St Christopher’s Place is tucked away down Gee’s Court, marked on Oxford Street by a large, purple clock. Decked out for the holidays with red and white Christmas bulbs hanging overhead, this is a great place to stop for a quick coffee or a snack. Boutique shops, cafes, and restaurants line the sidewalks and the courtyard, so don’t forget take a few minutes to grab a bite or pick up a gift or two before continuing your journey.

Regent Street
Regent Street | ©LondonMatt/Flickr

Regent Street

This year’s display along Regent Street is sponsored by Jo Malone’s new flagship store and pays homage to the old watchmakers of Regent Street and the timeless holiday classics. Golden gears and gizmos hang from thousands of twinkling lights which covers the length of Regent Street in an impressive display. Walk along the shopfronts to check out the new displays, and don’t forget to stop by Hamley’s Toy Shop to watch their snowy windows sparkle and shine. Follow the signs along Regent Street until you see a diversion for Carnaby to finish off your tour.

Carnaby Christmas
Carnaby Christmas | ©cdpm/Flickr


Christmas has come to Carnaby once again, but this time in the form of glitzy silver stars and giant purple disco balls. This pedestrian shopping area is already one of the most colorful spots in London, now jazzed up for the holidays with glitter and glimmering lights. Carnaby is home to more boutique shops, small cafes, restaurants and pubs, so finding a spot to finish off your night won’t be hard! Pop in for a drink at Shakespeare’s Head, gander through Kingly Court‘s barrage of restaurants, or stop for a cup of hot chocolate at some of the great cafes in the area!