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Earth Hour will take place on Saturday night
Earth Hour will take place on Saturday night | © Hernán Piñera/Flickr
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London Will Be Plunged into Darkness Thanks to Earth Hour

Picture of Lizzie Thomson
London Writer
Updated: 23 March 2018
On Saturday night London will be plunged into darkness in support of Earth Hour, a global blackout event that draws attention to the dangers of climate change.

Many of the capital city’s famous monuments will lose their light for Earth Hour, including Buckingham Palace, Nelson’s Column, the London Eye and St Paul’s Cathedral. The unique event is in association with WWP (World Wide Fund for Nature) and calls for greener changes to everyday activities.

This year, the global organisers of Earth Hour are asking people to switch off their electricity at 8.30pm for 60 minutes on March 24 to support the campaign.

However, it’s not just London that’s backing the important campaign; cities around the world such as New York and Paris will blackout for an hour to support the World Wildlife Fund’s climate change movement, and people all over the globe will be marking the occasion at different local times.

Earth Hour originated in Sydney in March 2007 with over 2.2 million people taking part. Over the past 11 years, the campaign has continued to gain momentum with participants blacking out their homes to show their support.

Last year, nearly 180 countries joined in and over 400 landmarks went dark around the world, including the Eiffel Tower, the Trevi Fountain, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Empire State Building – even Russia’s St Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin Wall switched off in Red Square.

Rome’s Colosseum marking Earth Hour | © Wikimedia Commons

This year, many green campaigners are using the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement as an extra incentive to blackout on Saturday night, to protest Donald Trump’s actions. A factor that, in many ways, makes the 2018 Earth Hour more significant than ever!

In a city that’s usually bursting with light, London will be awash with darkness on Saturday night. If you’re keen to take a look at the pitch-black city, get yourself to Alexandra Palace or Hampstead Heath for an excellent viewpoint – plus it’s free of charge.

Or, if you’re out in town and are keen to take a look, make sure you to head to a rooftop bar or high building for this epic occasion.