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London's Top 5 Newest Pop-Ups
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London's Top 5 Newest Pop-Ups

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Updated: 3 October 2016
Who needs resident cafés, shops, or cooking classes when you can have pop-up ones? With these rare, quintessentially London experiences, you can do everything from frying a Creme Egg to taking a journey to the Wild West through cookery – or even bop to the beat while your barber takes the scissors to your locks.
Pear, Fig Puree &  Vanilla on Millet. Courtesy of The Porridge Cafe.
Pear, Fig Puree & Vanilla on Millet | Courtesy of The Porridge Cafe.

The Porridge Café

Monday March 2nd to Sunday March 29th

Hearty breakfast pop-up The Porridge Café will change the way you think of porridge, a long-standing British breakfast stable. With the invention of The Porridge Café, the founder Nik Williamson wished to carry forward the Nordic revival of porridge by twisting the dish to offer both savoury and sweet options. The pop-up will bring you the best of London’s porridge in a rotating menu of 11 different grains including buckwheat and quinoa. Traditional or obscure toppings can be added. Get along to this pop-up and turn the breakfast dish your Grandparents grew up on to a modern marvel.

The Porridge Café, 70 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4WA, UK

Fry Anything Egg Cake. Courtesy of Messhead.
Fry Anything Egg Cake | Courtesy of Messhead

We Fry Anything

Thursday April 2nd to Sunday April 5th

Who wants to roll Easter eggs down a hill when you can fry them? Roll into Easter weekend by heading to Shoreditch’s Boxpark, where the culinary expertise of Messhead (Miss Cakehead and Miss London Mess) will be breaking free from Lent and deep frying 100 different items: Creme Eggs, Mars bars, chocolate cake, and much more. You have heard of the BYOB (bring your own booze) policy: here We Fry Anything are promoting a BYOCBOC (bring your own chocolate bar or cake) approach. On Easter Sunday, you can even tuck into a full fried feast consisting of a whole fried lamb joint, roast potatoes, rosemary, carrots and sprouts. Ahead of the pop-up event, express and share any creative suggestions on their Facebook page for fellow fryers.

We Fry Anything, Boxpark, Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6JY, UK

Edible Experiences. Wild West BBQ cookery.
Edible Experiences | Courtesy of Wild West BBQ

Wild West BBQ

Wednesday February 25th to Saturday March 7th

Close your eyes and this pop-up cookery class with take you on an American road trip full of mouthwatering BBQ flavours. If you want to write your very own love letter to meat then sign up for the course at Wild West BBQ. Step by step you will learn to create meat rubs and marinade, sharpen your knife skills, and make a home-made BBQ sauce that will transform you immediately to the land of John Wayne. Get your hands messy and try as you cook. This cooking journey will ensure your barbecue is the hottest on the street this summer.

Wild West BBQ, Studio 8, The Islington Studios, 6 Hornsey Street, Islington, London, N7 8GR, UK

Makers Cafe. Photo credit Cris Rose.
Makers Café | Courtesy of Cris Rose
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Makers Café

Open until further notice

The most intriguing aspect to The Old Shoreditch Station is its attached pop-up, Makers Café, a space for design creatives to work, join forces, and express their projects. On par with Fab Lab – but less pretentious – the Makers Café is a theatre of manufacturing. You don’t pay for the table space at the Makers Café; those behind it wish to allow visionaries to come along, grow, build confidence, and ultimately display their work. Whether you are an amateur or an advanced practitioner in the design field, you can blend with like minded workers through their workshops on 3D printing, design etc. The welcoming space immediately holds prospects for those interested in curating a career in the above realm, but you don’t have to be a design enthusiast to spend time at the pop-up café.

Makers Café, The Old Shoreditch Station, 1 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8DA, UK

The Rhythm Parlour courtesy of Ryan MacGregor.
The Rhythm Parlour | Courtesy of Ryan MacGregor

The Rhythm Parlour

Saturday March 7th

The monthly musical barber shop; The Rhythm Parlour is a place to groom your beard while channelling John Travolta circa Saturday Night Fever. Put your name on the list for a haircut at Rye Wax, and revel in sifting through their vast selection of records, taking in a DJ set, guzzling a drink, or munching on the surrounding street food while waiting for Ryan MacGregor to trim your ‘do. With this all round musical/hair soiree, pop-ups never seemed so suave.

The Rhythm Parlour, CLF Cafe, The Bussey Building, 133 Rye Lane, London, SE15 4ST, UK

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