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London’s Ice Bar Is Still Cool After 10 Years
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London’s Ice Bar Is Still Cool After 10 Years

Picture of Jillian Levick
Updated: 6 December 2016
A decade after opening, London’s coolest location is still in full swing, with ice brought fresh from Sweden’s Torne River and straight into the capable chisels of Ice Bar’s skilled sculptors.

The purest, clearest ice is carved into impossibly smooth and glassy delightful designs. Currently featured is a car to sit in, a cupcake to drool over, and even a pineapple to lounge in. Feeling like Spongebob in your pineapple under the sea, you can marvel at the talent of Swedish ice artist Jens Thoms Ivarsson, whose work on Ice Bar came after he designed the famous ice catwalk for Chanel in Paris Fashion Week 2010.

Sub-zero temperatures will ensure that you stay pleasantly chilled as the days get balmier in London and there’s nowhere you’d rather be after a sweaty summer commute on the tube. A creative menu of cocktails will keep you refreshed, especially as they too come served in glasses of ice.

Operating in 40-minute time slots, Ice Bar decks you out in designer thermal duds, complete with gloves and a hood to make you feel like you’re an extra in Frozen. After 10 years, they maintain their fresh reputation by completely transforming the design of the bar, ensuring that there is something to delight with every visit. To honour its 10th anniversary, make the trip to Heddon Street for an experience that’s as refreshing in its innovation as it is in temperature.

What You Need to Know:

Designer: Jens Thoms Ivarsson- who moved from high fashion to low temperatures this year

Drinks: Mojitos, rum and vodka-based sweet drinks, with a special champagne menu- all served in the purest of ice-glasses

What to Wear: Anything you want! Capes, gloves and hoods will keep you snug inside

Where to go: Tucked away just off Regent Street, you can escape summer’s swelter easily

ICEBAR LONDON, 31-33 Heddon St, London W1B 4BN; 020 7478 8910