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London Is The World's #1 Destination On TripAdvisor
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London Is The World's #1 Destination On TripAdvisor

Picture of Ewa Zubek
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Updated: 25 September 2017
This isn’t London’s first time on TripAdvisor’s annual ranking, but this year, the UK capital claimed the coveted number one spot on the Traveler’s Choice list, followed swiftly by Istanbul and Marrakech. London only ranked in sixth place last year, when Marrakech came in first. The last time London topped this list was back in 2012.

While TripAdvisor doesn’t offer an explanation on how the city got to the top, it’s easy enough for us to work it out. After all, despite its sky-high prices and major overcrowding, London is a paradise for foodies, a buzzing melting pot of cultures and people, and one of the world’s major cultural and architectural centres. Let’s face it – if you’re ever having a dull day in London, you probably deserve to move out.

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